Fortin & Gonthier Foundations of Wester Civilization: A Trip to Venice

In May, 2010, Assumption students toured the “City of Canals” with their professors as part of the Fortin and Gonthier Foundations of Western Civilization program. This blog describes their experiences in Venice during the two-week expedition as they will visit some of Venice’s most storied and culturally-important landmarks and absorb some of the city’s rich culture by attending concerts and theatrical performances.  The Fortin and Gonthier Foundations of Western Civilization Program at Assumption integrates the study of politics, arts, literature, philosophy, theology and history to help students reflect upon the heritage of the Western world and better understand the interconnected nature of the various disciplines.

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Introduction Photo

The entrance to the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. On the right is Jacopo Sansovino’s Logetta, the Campanile, and the Ducal Palace. Photos by Matthew Brennan (left) and Susan Konola (right).


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About the Author

Matthew Brennan is a member of Assumption College’s Class of 2012, where he is pursuing a Major in Politics, an Honors Certificate in Foundations of Western Civilization, and Minors in Philosophy and Theology.  He is a graduate of the Tagaste Project and a member of the Office of Campus Ministry, the Knights of Columbus Council, and the Student Government Association.  Matthew lives with his family in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

The other students who attended the trip and who all contributed to the Travel Journal were: Margaux Finan, Kevin Forts, Grace Fox, Holly Kalinski, Susan Konola, Sarah Leonido, Sarah LePain, Francesca Rizzo, Rebecca Bernard, and Greg Rowland.