The Kennedy Photo Page

JFK Accepting Honorary DegreeJohn F. Kennedy being provided an Honorary Degree, 1955

JFK Honorary Degree SpeechJohn F. Kennedy accepting his Honorary Degree, 1955

JFK ReceivingJohn F. Kennedy receiving Honors, 1955

Ted Kennedy's Assumption VisitEdward M. Kennedy's visit to Assumption College, 1954

JFK Unveiling Lt. Joe KennedyJohn F. Kennedy unveils portrait of Lt. Joseph Kennedy, 1958

Ted Kennedy CommencementEdward M. Kennedy Commencement Address, 1964

Ted Kennedy Introducing TestaEdward M. Kennedy Dedicating the Testa Science Center, 2003

Ted Kennedy SpeechEdward M. Kennedy Speech at Testa Science Center, 2003




JFK Delivers speechJohn F. Kennedy Dedication of
Kennedy Science Building, 1958

Portrait of Lt. Joseph Kennedy located in Kennedy Hall