The Speeches at Assumption College

Senator John F. Kennedy
Address at Dedication of Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.
Memorial Science Hall
Assumption College
October 2, 1958

It is a great pleasure, on behalf of the members of my family, to take part in the dedication of this building.

My brother served most of his naval service on the patrol, in the winter of '43-'44, along the Bay of Biscay, so it's most appropriate that his picture should hang in a college that has such intimate ties with France and French traditions and culture. This college serves an admirable channel to the whole sea of French culture and tradition. Those who have been denied the benefits of the knowledge of that language and tradition, here will have an opportunity to find it and I think that is going to enrich their lives.

And secondly, I think that this college can play a great part in the life of this city, and the support that the businesses of this city have given to this college, and the contribution which its graduates have given to the industrial life of this community, have shown that it is mutually beneficial.

And thirdly, I think that over the whole New England region we especially need a trained and dedicated people- those who've had the advantage of the training in their faith that they get here, and also the advantage of the training in technical lines. Because we in New England lack the resources that have made other countries strong, in order to stay ahead, we need the best trained people, and the best dedicated people determined to use their talents for advancement of their state and region. And I think I see among these hills of Worcester, in the center of Massachusetts and in the center of New England, will be found in the spirit which will keep us ahead throughout the country an throughout the world.

So in every sense of the word this is a happy occasion for all of us and it's a pleasure to join with all of you in asserting our confidence in the work that Fr. Desautels and his devoted confreres are doing and will do in the future.





Ted Kennedy Delivers speech at the Robert and Janet Testa Science CenterTed Kennedy delivers speech at the Robert and Janet Testa Science Center