PowerPoint to Garage Band

for Podcasts

These instructions cover creating and using PowerPoint slides as graphic images in your own podcasts. You can use Garage Band to import the slides (as graphics) and set timing and web linking as with any other graphic.

In the finished podcast, the slides will be square. In PowerPoint, the slides are rectangular with more width than height. So avoid putting text near the left or right edges. Any text in the far left or far right edges (about 1/8th of each is cut off) will be lost.

These instructions assume you are already familiar with the basics of using PowerPoint. If you need basic instuction in this program, contact the IT Hub at x7060.

Exporting from PowerPoint

Suppose you've created a PowerPoint presentation and that you wish to use one or more of the "slides" in a podcast. Do the following:

  1. Do a Save As ... under File.
  2. As in the example at right, name the output, set the location set the Format to JPEG, and then click the Options button.

If you are exporting just one slide, the name will be that of the file you will create. If you are exporting the whole slideshow, a folder will be created using the specified name and a separate graphic file will be built for each slide. You'll choose whether you want jsut one slide or the whole show in Options (where you'll also set the size).



Under Options

  1. As circled in the image to the right, select either one slide only or to save every slide.
  2. Set the Width to 600. (The height will adjust automatically). Note that this will be reduced by Garage Band.


Click OK. This will return you to the Save As screen pictured above. Click Save.


Import the images into Garage Band just as you would any other image.

Click to download some example slides.

Page created by Dr. Robert Fry
November 7, 2006