iPod Recording
(using a Belkin recorder)

Belkin now sells an attachment (called a TuneTalk) for video iPods (called 5th generation) that allow you to use this device as recorder. The process is very straightforward.

See the device attached to the bottom slot of the iPod. It has a microphone pair built-in as well as a port to attach a separate microphone (or the receiver module of a wireless microphone). It records files in a somewhat ancient format called wav. (This is so the device doesn't have to struggle to compress the file as it's being recorded.) The files are huge. Below we'll describe how to convert them to normal AAC files in iTunes (smaller and campatible with use for podcasting).

To record using the TuneTalk:

  1. Charge the iPod fully. (The device uses power quickly.)
  2. Attach the device and press the button on its left side. The iPod shifts into a recording mode (called Voice Memo).
  3. Optionally, connect headphones or earbuds to monitor the sound.
  4. Place or hold the recorder 6"-18" from the sound source.
  5. To record, choose "Record" on the screen.
  6. To stop or pause, choose that on the screen.

To upload the recorded file (called a voice memo):

  1. Remove the Belkin attachment.
  2. Connect the iPod to the computer it is normally used with. iTunes will download the file and erase the file from the iPod. It will put it in a playlist entitled Voice Memos.

To convert the memo file to AAC format (and get it ready to post to a podcast server).

  1. Right click the file (on a Mac, that's Ctrl-Click).
  2. Choose convert to AAC. A copy in AAC format is placed in the Library. It is not in the Voice Memo playlist. The original file remains in the Voice Meme playlist. So in the Librrary, you'll see both listed. The latter is the new AAC version. The other can be deleted.
  3. If you will podcast the recording, drag a copy to the desktop and publish as usual.

Authored by Bob Fry 26 July 2006