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Problems that I was asked to wrirte up for the last class.

Study Guide for the material after the midterm up to the final

Answers to Study Guide/quiz questions


(also review material for the midterm).


Older (but important) stuff:

1. Syllabus

2. Selected worked out problems:

a. Section 1.1 - Induction

b. The induction step of the proof of the binomial theorem worked out.

Material for study for Feb17/Feb19 classes.

For review of the homework assigned on Feb 15, you can look at a write-up of the answers. This is a Word file.

For the lectures, I indicated in class my intent to do thsi in 3 files. I changed it to just 2 files. The Theorem discussed in the second file is important and a bit long and doen't split nicely. So there are two files to watch. The fifrst is jsut under 10 minutes and the second is about 18 minutes.

First video/Powerpoint class for Feb 17/19.

Second video/Powerpoint class for Feb17/19.

This completes most, but not all of section 2.3. Read the entire section. The videos cover through Theorem 2.4.

For Monday, Feb 22 homework, do problems: page 24, 2a, 2d, 3, 12,13


Study Guide for Midterm Exam

Answers to Study Guide for the Midterm Exam