CSC 220E

Multimedia for the Web

Hybrid Model

Course Background, Rationale and other Syllabus materials

This course is a sequel to CSC180, Electronic Communications and Multimedia. It focuses on the web and specific tools for developing and controlling multimedia on the web. Students are welcome to look through the web materials for pre-requisite concepts. The key concepts are in the Intro, the Web Authoring chapters and Photoshop Concepts.

The course uses both Macintosh and Windows machines. Students must be comfortable with both platforms.

All students will develop and expand web sites. Nearly all assignments will be completed by posting to the web site. It is important to learn and understand the the methods used to set up and edit web sites on the class server.

In addition, students will use the Assumption Blackboard System for communication with the instructor and with each other. To access this system, go to

Topics for CSC 220:

Introduction and review of Web Authoring (in Dreamweaver), and Graphics (Photoshop) (3)

Flash Graphics and Animations (4)

Importing video from Final Cut Pro (or some other source) to Flash(1)

Animated Gifs(1)

Digital video (Final Cut Pro) and Motion: (.5)

Java Scripting for the Web : (2)

Working with Adobe Edge


Most materials for this course will be web-based from this site. Some of the topics (particularly Flash) will use the Software developers materials Many utilize the help files and referenced web sites as resources.

Student Web Sites


Dr. Robert Fry
Office:Founders 109
Phone: 508-767-7300

Contact my administrative assistant, Sue Lewandowski (x 7377) for appointments.


Course grade:

Two tests will be given as well as a number of projects. These will be weighted as follows:

Final Exam (Blackboard) : 20%
Projects: 80%

Related sites:


Wyland Graphics: Example of site using Director and Flash