Posting project workto your Web Site
and retrieving your work for later use

In this course, you will post some files to a server to turn them in. Think of this as making a copy from the PC you do your work on to a central main computer (the server) so they are univerally available. You will need to create a folder on the machine you use to do that. We'll use Dreamweaver to coordinate the transfer from your folder to your own folder on the server. When you signed up for this course, a folder for site was created on a central server ( The Dreamweaver technique you will use is to create a "site." You must define your web site using your folder as the local folder and then you will be able to move any files you put in the folder to your own server folder. The following is a step-by-step example using a graphic image of a house as an example.

You will go through this process every time you sit down to work at a different computer. You use it to move new work up to the server or to get at and download work you've copied there from before.

1. If you don't yet have a local folder, create a new folder anywhere (perhaps the desktop). Do this by right clicking on the desktop (or wherever you want to put the folder) and pull New -> Folder. Just type a new name like "fry homework stuff" as in the example above. You must put all work to post in this folder. If you already have files on the server and want to retrieve them, this is where they will come to.

2.Load Dreamweaver CS5 (or any earlier edition). Find it on your Windows Start Menu (or, on a Mac, on the Dock).

3. Pull down under Site to Manage Sites and then New Site and go through Site definition screens as follows:

In this same dialog, click the button on the left called Servers (circled in green):

A new dialog opens. It has an empty list of servers. Click the + in the lower left (in red):


4. Now enter the info about your remote folder and your username and password. The usernames are just your last name. The password is announced each day in class. If you don't know it, e-mail me at



Fill in the 3 items in red. Be really carefull. Use your last name, not mine. When you think you have it, Click Test (Blue). If it works, click Save (blue).


Click Test Connection and see if it works. Click Next and Next on the following screens and then Done.

5. To see your site setup and your server Files, go to the Files Windos and click the Expand button (last button on the right).

The Site Window should show on the screen with your local folder and its contents on the right and your server folder on the left.

NEVER edit any files on the left. If you want to change them, download them to the right before editing or completely replace them.

Before you post your project MAKE SURE YOUR HOME PAGE IS NAMED default.htm

To post, following the numbers, 1 - Click the Connect icon to open a path to the server. 2 - Click your file icon on the right (for housefry.pic in our example) and 3 - Click the up blue arrow to upload the file to the server. You may be asked whether you want to include dependent files. Always say yes.

8. You should see your file on both sides.

To retrieve files, click the one you want on the left side and hit the green down arrow (see above). It will be moved from the server (left side) to your local computer's hard disk (right side).

The main idea above is that the 2 panel view shows your local copies on the right. On the left, your posted files are shown. NEVER edit the files on the left directly. Always download them to edit and then when done, select and upload them.


9.When done, hit Expand again to put the Files winbdow small and off to the side.


Reminder: Before you post your project MAKE SURE YOUR HOME PAGE IS NAMED default.htm