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Castronovo, Neil Ryan

Director of Student Development

  • "Anger and Aggression Groups: Expanding the Scope of College Health Provider Services" Journal of College Student Psychotherapy , 1995, vol. 9, no. 4, pp. 23-32.
  • "The Search for Self-Esteem: Truth or Pride?" Assumption College Quarterly, 1992, vol. 14, pp. 3 & 10.
  • "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Education on the College Campus: the Mandate and the Challenge" Journal of Counseling & Development, 1990, vol. 68, pp. 578-580.
  • "The Realm of Relationships: When Words Are Not Enough" in Relationships edited by Sean D. Sammon (Whitinsville, Mass.: Affirmation Books, 1983).
  • "A Comparative Study of Three Interview Approaches and Their Effects on the Emotionality of Prisoner Patients" Pastoral Care and Counseling Abstracts, 1977, vol. 6, p.30.
  • "In Search of Integrity" The Ryken Quarterly , 1967, vol. 4, no. 4, pp. 24-

Sweet, Doris Ann

Director of Library Services

  • “I Feel Like I Could Do It Too: A Paradigm Shift in an Urban Library…” Urban Library Journal 16.1 (spring 2010). With Daren A. Graves and Mary McGowan. Online.
  • "Making a Home: Critical Pedagogy in a Library Internship Program for High School Students." Critical Library Instruction: Theories and Methods. Eds. Maria T. Accardi, Emily Drabinski, and Alana Kumbier. Library Juice Press, 2009. 161-175. With Daren Graves and Mary McGowan.




Biggert, Robert

Assistant Professor of Sociology

  • "Why Labor Wins, Why Labor Loses: A Test of Two Theories." The Sociological Quarterly, (1996/1997).
  • "The Adoption of No-Fault Divorce Laws by American States, 1969-1991" (with Steve Bahr). Journal of Marriage and the Family.


Cares, Alison

Assistant Professor of Sociology

  • "Changing Attitudes about Being a Bystander to Violence: Translating an In-person Sexual Violence Prevention Program to a New Campus." Violence Against Women 21.2 (2015): 165-87. Print. With Victoria L. Banyard, Mary M. Moynihan, Linda M. Williams, Sharyn J. Potter, and Jane G. Stapleton.
  • "Encouraging Responses in Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention: What Program Effects Remain 1 Year Later?" Journal of Interpersonal Violence 30.1 (2015): 110-32. Print. With Mary M. Moynihan, Victoria L. Banyard, Sharyn J. Potter, Linda M. Williams, and Jane G. Stapleton.
  • "Teaching About Victimization in an Online Environment: Translating in Person Empathy and Support to the Internet." Journal of Criminal Justice Education 25.4 (2014): 405-20. Print. With David Hirschel and Linda M. Williams
  • "Taking Stock of Bystander Programmes: Changing Attitudes and Behaviours towards Sexual Violence." Preventing Sexual Violence: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Overcoming a Rape Culture. Ed. Nicola Henry and Anastasia Powell. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. 170-88. Print. With Mary M. Moynihan and Victoria L. Banyard.
  • "Juvenile Economic Sanctions: An Analysis of Their Imposition, Payment, and Effect on Recidivism." Criminology & Public Policy 13.1 (2014): 31-60. Print. With Stacy Hoskins Haynes and R. Barry Ruback.
  • "How Do We Know If It Works? Measuring Outcomes in Bystander-focused Abuse Prevention on Campuses." Psychology of Violence 4.1 (2014): 101-15. Print. With Victoria L. Banyard, Mary M. Moynihan, and Rebecca Warner.
  • “Risks and Opportunities of Faith and Culture: The Case of Abused Jewish Women.” Journal of Family Violence 27.5 (2012): 427-435. With G.R. Cusick. Print.


Farough, Steven

Assistant Professor of Sociology

  • "White Masculinities in the Age of Obama: Rebuilding or Reloading?" American Identity in the Age of Obama. Ed. Amílcar Antonio Barreto and Richard L. O'Bryant. New York: Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2014. 152-74. Print.
  • “The Social Geographies of White Masculinities.” Structure and Agency. Ed. M. O’Donnell. Sage, 2010. 279-301.

  • "Brown's Whitewashing Race." An Assumption Library: Essays Presented in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library. Worcester, Mass.: Assumption College Library, c2008. 139-141.
  • "Believing is Seeing: The Matrix of Vision and White Masculinities," Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 35 (1), 2006.
  • "What are You Looking At? The Oppositional Gaze, Intersectionality, and the Social Geographies of White Masculinities," IN Culture, Power, and History: Studies in Critical Sociology (Leiden ; Boston: Brill, 2006)
  • "The Negative Consequences of Male Privilege," IN Harvey, Carol and June Allard, eds., Understanding and Managing Diversity (Pearson, 2004)
  • "Structural Aporia and White Masculinities: White Men Respond to the White Male Privilege Critique," IN Race, Gender & Class, v. 10.
  • "The Social Geographies of White Masculinities," Critical Sociology, 2004, Vol. 30 Issue 2, p241, 24p.

Gazin-Schwartz, Amy

Associate Professor of Anthropology

  • “Fighting or Dancing? Archaeology and Folklore Traces.” Archaeologies 8.3 (December 2012): 366-375. Print.
  • "Myth and Folklore." Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Ritual and Religion. Ed. Tim Insoll. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press, 2011. 63-75. Print.
  • "Basso's Wisdom Sits in Places." An Assumption Library: Essays Presented in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library. Worcester, Mass.: Assumption College Library, c2008. 126-128.
  • "Abandoned, Avoided, Expelled: the Creation of ‘Empty’ Landscapes." Ed. Angele P. Smith and Amy Gazin-Schwartz. Landscapes of Clearance: Archaeological and Anthropological Perspectives. Left Coast Press, 2008.
  • Gazin-Schwartz, A. (2007) "Imaging the Scottish Highlands," Historical Archaeology 41(1):92-106.
  • "Dwelling in an Old Country," Journal of Iberian Archaeology [Special Issue: Approaching Prehistoric and Protohistoric Architectures from a Dwelling Perspective], June 2006.
  • "Mementoes of the Past: Material Culture of Tourism at Stonehenge and Avebury," IN: Rowan, Yorke and Uzi Baram, eds. Marketing Heritage: Archaeology and the Consumption of the Past. (Walnut Creek, CA.: Alta Mira Press, 2004)
  • "Archeology and folklore of ritual, material culture, and everyday life," International Journal of Historical Archaeology, December 2001.
  • Archaeology and Folklore, Amy Gazin-Schwartz and Cornelius Holtorf, eds. (Routledge, 1999).

Gendron, Richard A.

Assistant Professor of Sociology

  • The Leftmost City: Power and Progressive Politics in Santa Cruz. Boulder: Westview Press, 2009. Co-authored with G.W. Domhoff.
  • "Forging Collective Capacity for Urban Redevelopment: 'Power To,' 'Power Over,' or Both?" City and Community, 5.1, 2006.

Perschbacher, Susan J.

Professor Emerita of Sociology

  • "Young in Spirit, Old in Bones." Engaging Aging 3.2 (spring 2008): 3-4.
  • "Life Review Interviews," IN Fettes, Danielle, et al., eds. The Life Course: A Handbook of Syllabi & Instructional Materials. (American Sociological Association, 2002).
  • "Promoting Spiritual Reminiscence Through Life Review," IN International Reminiscence of Life Review Conference 2001: Selected Conference Papers and Proceedings (University of Wisconsin-Superior Center for Continuing Education/Extension, n.d.).
  • "Themes of Continuity and Change in the Spiritual Reminiscence of Elder Catholic Women Religious," IN Webster, Jeffrey Dean and Barbara Haight, eds., Critical Advances in Reminiscence Work: From Theory to Application. (Springer Publishing, 2002).
  • "Solitude and Prayer in the Late Lives of Elder Catholic Women Religious: Activity, Withdrawal or Transcendence?" Journal of Religious Gerontology , Fall 2001.
  • "Generativity in the Lives of Elder Catholic Women Religious," IN Owens, Timothy, ed. Self and Identity Through the Life Course in Cross-Cultural Perspective (JAI Press, 2000).
  • "Life Review Interviews" [manual] in The Life Course: a Handbook of Syllabi and Instructional Material (American Sociological Association), edited by Tim Owens et al.
  • "Continuity in the Lives of Elder Catholic Women Religious" in International Journal of Aging and Human Development.




Beall-Fofana, Barbara

Professor Emerita of Art History

  • Paxton. Charleston, S.C.: Arcadia Publishing, 2013. Print.
  • Understanding the Art Museum. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007. Print.
  • "Entry Point to the Scriptorium Bede Knew at Wearmouth and Jarrow: The Canon Tables of the Codex Amiatinus," Conference Proceedings of the International Conference––Bède le Vénérable: bilan et perspectives, Amiens, France, July 2002.
  • "The Tabernacle Illumination in the Codex Amiatinus Re-considered," Conference Proceedings of The Second Annual International Conference on Biblical Studies in the Early Middle Ages, Gargnano, Lake Garda, Italy, June 2001.
  • Mineral Point - Images of America Series, co-authored with Herbert Beall. (Arcadia Press, 2000).
  • "Teaching Art History Through the Study of Manuscripts: Considerations of Pedagogy and Methodology," Manuscripta, Selected Papers from the Twenty-Sixth Saint Louis Conference on Manuscript Studies, Saint Louis, Missouri, 8-9 October 1999 (accepted- forthcoming).
  • "The Codex Amiatinus: The Significance of a Production Error," Manuscripta, Proceedings of the Twenty-Third Saint Louis Conference on Manuscript Studies, Saint Louis, Missouri, 4-5 October 1996.
  • "Treasures from the Scholar's Studio." In The John M. Crawford, Jr. Bequest of Chinese Art, Exhibition Catalogue. Providence: Brown University and the Museum of the Rhode Island School of Design, 1993.
  • "Biography of John M. Crawford, Jr." contributor, in The John M. Crawford, Jr. Bequest of Chinese Art, Exhibition Catalogue. Providence: Brown University and the Museum of the Rhode Island School of Design, 1993.
  • "Olana - The House that Church Built," Museum Insights, Amherst, MA., 1991.
  • "The Heart of the Andes," Museum Insights, Amherst, MA., 1991.

Corbin, Frank

Lecturer in Music; Director of Chapel Music/College Organist

  • "Eliot's Daniel Deronda." An Assumption Library: Essays Presented in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library. Worcester, Mass.: Assumption College Library, c2008. 52-55.
  • Frank Corbin, Organ (works by Bach, Widor, Duruflé, Messiaen, and Reubke) (Worcester, Mass.: Assumption College, 1998)
  • Frank Corbin plays Franck. (Centaur Records, 2002)
Gearhart, Heidi

Assistant Professor of Art History

  • "Work and Prayer in the Fiery Furnace: The Three Hebrews on the Censer of Reiner in Lille and a Case for Artistic Labor." Studies in Iconography 34 (2013): 103-32. Print.

Grady, Thomas

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art

  • My House.” The Global Perspectives: Understanding the Past, Looking to the Future. Catherine Wilcox-Titus and Karen Finnegan. Worcester, MA: The Gallery at Worcester State University, October 2011: Cover and unpaged.
    Juror's Choice

Lamothe, Rev. Donat R.

Professor of Music; Archivist

  • Claude Le Jeune, le psautier huguenot et la musique religieuse à la cour pendant les règnes de Charles IX, Henri III et Henry IV. (Strasbourg : Université des sciences humaines de Strasbourg, Institut de musicologie, 1980).
  • Catholic Church. Matins at Cluny for the feast of Saint Peter's Chains : after the manuscript Paris, Bibl. nat. lat. 12601(around 1075). (London : The Plainsong & Mediaeval Music Society, 1986).
  • Le Jeune, Claude. Les Psaumes de David : mis en musique à III parties. (Tours : Centre de Musique Ancienne, 2000).

Nixon, Carrie M.

Associate Professor of Art

  • "Endangered Species" (silverpoint and gouache on birch). 2007 International Drawing Annual. Cincinnati: Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center, c2008: 98.

Norris, Toby

Assistant Professor of Art History

  • "Marketing Artistic Careers: Pablo Picasso as Brand Manager." European Journal of Marketing48.1/2 (2014): 68-88. Print. With Albert M. Muniz, Jr., and Gary Alan Fine.
  • Rev. of Kenneth Silver, Chaos and Classicism: Art in France, Italy, and Germany, 1918–1936,  Exhibition Catalog, New York: Guggenheim Museum, 2010.. CAA Reviews Online September 1. 2011. Online <>.
  • Academics, Pompiers, Official Artists and the Arrière-Garde: Defining Modern and Traditional in France, 1900-1960. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars, 2009. Editor, with Natalie Adamson.
  • "The Querelle du Realisme and the Politicization of French Artists during the Great Depression," PART: Journal of the CUNY PhD Program in Art History, n. 12




Blake, Laura

Assistant Professor

  • "Amazon Kindle Fire Claims an Important Market Position." Journal of Case Studies 31.2 (2013): 91-7. Print. With Karen A. Berger.
  • "Gerber and Food Safety: Arsenic and (Old) Rice."  Journal of Critical Incidents 6 (2013): 123-6. Print. With Karen A. Berger.
  • "Segmentation Strategies for Improved Enrollment and Retention Levels - A Case Study in Higher Ed Marketing." International Handbook of Academic Research and Teaching: Conference Proceedings, Spring 2008. By David King. N.p.: Intellectbase International Consortium, 2008. 92-99. Print. With Kevin Mayne.

DeWitt, Arlene O.

Assistant Professor of Marketing and Organizational Communication

  • “The UBS Diversity Case.” Understanding and Managing Diversity 5th Ed. By Carol P. Harvey & M. June Allard. Boston: Pearson, Aug. 2011. 318-327. Print.
  • “Song of the Open Road: Business Students Blog About Tacit Knowledge in Their Internships.” American Journal of Business Education 3.11 (2010): 131-136. Print.
  • “Socially Responsible Marketing.” Proceedings at the 36th Northeast Business and Economics Conference. Worcester, MA. ( November 6, 2009): 69-72. With L. Dahlin. Print.
  • "Ethical Marketing," IN Proceedings of the 34th Annual Meeting of the Northeast Business and Economics Association, Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, Connecticut. November 9, 2007. With L. Dahlin.
  • "Another Perspective" IN Hill, Charles W.L. Global Business Today, 5th ed. (New York: Irwin McGraw-Hill, 2007). Co-Authored with Prof. Jeanne McNett.


Diodati, Egidio A.

Associate Professor of Management

  • “Multicultural Negotiations Exercise.” International Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures, Text and Cases, 8th ed. Ed. Helen Deresky. New York: Prentice Hall, 2013. 168-176. Print.
  • “The U.S. Air Forces Academy Case.” Understanding and Managing Diversity-Readings, Cases, and Exercises, 5th ed.,byCarol P. Harvey & M. June Allard. New York, NY: Pearson Education, Inc., 2011. 383-394. Print.
  • "The U.S. Air Force Academy: Organizational Culture and Diversity Issues." IN Understanding and Managing Diversity: Readings, Cases and Exercises, 4th ed. (Prentice Hall, 2009), p.314-324. Edited by Carol Harvey, M. June Allard.
  • "Business Ethics and Organizational Social Responsibility: Natural Fit?, Natural Conflict? or Oxymoron?" in Conference Proceedings of the European Applied Business Research Conference (Santorini, Greece: June 2004).

  • “Believability: A Case in Law Enforcement Diversity,” in Understanding and Managing Diversity: Readings, Cases, and Exercises. (New York: Prentice-Hall, 2004).

  • “Issues in Diversity in Law Enforcement,” in Conference Proceedings of the European Applied Business Research Conference, (Venice, Italy: June 2003). This article received the award for the “Best Paper of the Session”.
  • "Diversity in Law Enforcement," in Understanding and Managing Diversity: Readings, Cases, and Exercises. (New York: Prentice Hall, 2001).
  • “The Impact of the 1996 Deregulation Legislation on the U.S. Telecommunications’ Market,” in Conference Proceedings of the Academy of Business Administration’s International Conference, (Athens, Greece: 1996).
  • "Japanese Multicultural Negotiations Exercise" in Understanding Diversity, Readings and Cases, (Harper-Collins, 1994).
  • “Service Marketing Problems Between the U.S. and the E.E.C.,” in Business Trends for the 21st Century, (Academy of Business Administration: March, 1994).
  • “The Impact of International Long Distance Telephone Service on the U.S. Balance of Payments Problems with the European Economic Community, 1985-1990,” in Conference Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Comparative Management, (Kaosiung, Taiwan, R.O.C.: 1992).
  • “The Marketing of International Long Distance Telephone Service and the U.S. Balance of Payments Problem in Europe,” in New England Business Administration Conference Volume, (April 26-27, 1991).

Harvey, Carol

Professor Emerita of Management

  • “What Students Are Telling Us about Teaching: The Dangerfield Effect.”Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review 6.2 (2010): 1-13. With M. June Allard, Kien-Quoc Van Pham, Merlin Simpson. Print.
  • Understanding and Managing Diversity: Readings, Cases and Exercises, 4th ed. (Prentice Hall, 2009). Co-edited with M. June Allard.
  • "The Age Discrimination Act of 1975," IN John C. Super, ed. The Seventies in America. (Salem Press, 2006).
  • Understanding and Managing Diversity: Readings, Cases and Exercises, 3rd ed., co-authored with M. June Allard. (Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson/Prentice Hall, c2005.)
  • "The Panera Bread Case: Not by Bread Alone," IN John R. Schermerhorn, Jr., James G. Hunt and Richard N. Osborn, eds., Organizational Behavior, 9th ed. (New York: Wiley, 2005)
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  • Understanding and Managing Diversity: Readings, Cases and Exercises. Instructor's Manual, co-authored with M. June Allard. (New York: Prentice Hall, 2002)
  • "Learning about Change," IN Silberman, Mel, ed. The Consultant's Toolkit. (McGraw-Hill)
  • Understanding Diversity: Readings, Cases & Exercises (Harper-Collins, 1995).
  • "Critical Thinking in the Management Classroom: Bloom's Taxonomy as a Learning Tool," co-authored with Jeanne McNett, Journal of Management Education, October 2003.
  • "Delegating with Style" in The Consultant's Big Book of Organizational Development Tools, Mel Silberman (ed.) (McGraw-Hill, 2002).
  • "Delegating with Style: Learning Style" in McGraw-Hill Training and Performance Sourcebook, Mel Silberman (ed.) (McGraw-Hill, 1998).
  • "Federal Labor Standards Act" and "Americans with Disabilities Act" entries in Encyclopedia of North American History (Salem Press, 1997).
  • "The Four Stages of Team Development: Smoothing Out the Wrinkles" and "Learning about Change: Is the Zebra White with Black Stripes or Black with White Stripes?" in 1997 McGraw-Hill Team and Organization Sourcebook , edited by Mel Silberman (McGraw-Hill, 1997).
  • "Women's Management Styles"; "Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications"; "Mommy Track"; "Women in Advertising" in Ready Reference: Women's Issues (Salem Press, 1996).
  • "The Cocktail Party" in The 1996 Training and Performance Sourcebook , edited by Mel Silberman (McGraw-Hill, 1996).
  • "Elizabeth Arden" and "Jane Cahill Pfieffer" in Great Lives from History: American Women (Salem Press, 1995).

Hunter, Jeffrey G.

Professor Emeritus of Management

  • "Determinants of business success under 'hypocapitalism': Case studies of Russian firms and their strategies," Journal of Business Research, Feb 2003, v56, i2, p113(7).
  • "A college admission test protocol to mitigate the effects of false negative SAT scores," The Journal of College Admission, no168 (Summer 2000) p. 22-9. Co-authored with Wendy Samter.
  • "Network Capitalism: Strategic Response to the 'Hypocapitalism' of the Post-socialist Economy in Russia," Journal of Contemporary Business Issues, Fall, 1999.


Jones, Daniel

Assistant Professor of Accounting

  • "Ripken Products: A Case for Learning Activity-Based Costing." Journal of Business Case Studies 10.2 (2014): 137-46. Print.
  • "Liberty Company Bond Resource: Clarifying Bond Liability Accounting Using a Zero-Coupon Bond." Journal of Business Case Studies 9.2 (2013): 145-50. Print.
  • "Understanding Debits and Credits: Interpreting 'Your Account Has Been Credited' on a Bank Deposit Receipt." Accounting Instructors' Report 10.3 (2012): 1-6. Print.
  • "JIT and the EOQ Model: Odd Couple No More!" Management Accounting 72.8 (1991): 54-57. Print.
  • “Visualizing Accounting Transaction Flows into Financial Statements.” American Journal of Business Education 5:6 (November/December 2012): 753-758. Print.
  • “Using outKast on Tour: An Instructional Mini-case for Learning Accrual Accounting Concepts.” Accounting Instructors' Report (Spring 2012): 1-8. Web. <>

Marino, Francis A.

Associate Professor of Accounting

  • Principles of Pharmaceutical Accounting. Co-authored (Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger Publishers, 1980).
  • "One Approach to Integrating Computer Usage into the College Auditing Course" in Journal of Accounting and Computers, Fall 1992.
  • "Small Business Audits: a Continuing Problem" in Ohio CPA Journal, Winter 1986.
  • "Creation of Income in Federal Taxation" in CPA Journal, Dec. 1982.
  • "Corn Products: the Evolution of Tax Doctrine" in CPA Journal , Nov. 1980.
  • "Endowment Fund Management: Does Prudence Exclude Stocks" in Hospital Financial Management, Jan. 1980.
  • "Reducing Tax Liability by Maximizing Non-cash Expenses" Co-authored in Pharmacy Management, March/April 1979.
  • "Professional Reaction to Statement on Auditing Stardards #20" in Massachusetts CPA Review, July/Aug 1978.
  • "Is COCOA a Good Prescription for Hospital Financial Reporting?" in Wisconsin CPA, Oct. 1977.
  • "Financial Analysis and Interpretation of Pharmacy Operations"Co-authored in Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association, May 1977.
  • "Accounting Education Often Ignores the Non-profit Area" in Hospital Financial Management, Feb. 1977.

McNett, Jeanne M.

Professor Emerita of Management

  • International Business. McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2012. With Michael Geringer and Michael Minor. Print.
  • International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition. McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2010. 12th edition. Co-authored with Donald A. Ball, Michael Geringer and Michael Minor.
  • "Woolf's The Waves." An Assumption Library: Essays Presented in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library. Worcester, Mass.: Assumption College Library, c2008. 75-77.
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  • "Marching to a Different Drummer" in Nonprofit Management Case Collection. (San Francisco: University of San Francisco Institute for Nonprofit Organization Management, 2000).

Meyer, Kathy M.

Lecturer in Marketing and Management

  • Articles in Great Ideas for Teaching Marketing, 5th ed. (South-Western College Publishing, 1999).

Mohaghegh, Saeed

Associate Professor of Management

  • "Fitzgerald's Tender Is the Night." An Assumption Library: Essays Presented in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Emmanuel d'Alzon Library. Worcester, Mass.: Assumption College Library, c2008. 81.
  • "Cost Containment Strategies and Quality of Care," The Business Review, Cambridge, 7.1 (2007).
  • "Cost Containment Strategies and Quality of Care," The Business Review, Cambridge, 7.1 (2007).
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  • "Outsourcing Versus In-House Provision of Sleep Diagnostic Services," co-authored with Scott M. Janssens. The Journal of American Academy of Business, 6:1, March, 2005.
    [This paper received the Best Author Award from the Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge.]
  • "A Comparison Between Financial Reporting in Health Care Versus Other Industries," co-authored with Nerissa M. Robert. The Journal of American Academy of Business , 5:1-2, September, 2004.
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Niece, Jennifer

Assistant Professor of Accounting

  • "The Demise of Arthur Andersen's One-firm Concept: A Case Study in Corporate Governance," co-authored with Gregory M. Trompeter, Business and Society Review, 109, (June, 2004),183-207.
  • "Cisco's First Glitch," Journal of Business Research, July 2005.
  • "Public Accounting and the Government, 1896-1996: 100 Years of Controversy and Compromise," (co-authored), Proceedings of the North American Accounting Society Annual Meeting, (North American Accounting Society, 2005).
  • “Documenting Abilities and Achievements: The Use of Professional Portfolios for Accounting Students and Young Accounting Professionals” co-authored with Cheryl Amantea, Journal of College Teaching and Learning, May 2004.
Singh, Dharmendra

Adjunct Faculty in MBA Program, Business - MBA

  • "Strategies for meeting the individual needs and learning styles of online learners." International Journal of Arts and Commerce 2.10 (2013): 17-30. Print.




Doyle, George A.

Professor Emeritus of Economics

  • The river of life : poems for main events in our journey (Pittsburgh, Penn : Dorrance Pub., 1994)
  • China and the IMF (Shandong University [China]: 1989).
  • Analysis of the Rate Proposals of Boston Edison Company (SBRDI. Testimony for Department of Public Utilities, 1980).
  • Analysis of the Average Annual Wage Limitations (Worcester Manpower Consortium, 1979).
  • Today's Need in the Third World: a Development-Education Economic Plan Package (U. S. Agency for International Development, 1977).
  • Foundations for a National Policy to Preserve Private Enterprise in the 1980's (Joint Economic Committee, U. S. Congress, 1977).
  • China and the Chinese: the True Leap Forward (Joint Economic Committee, U. S. Congress, 1976).
  • A Design for a Locally Oriented Export Expansion Program (Cambridge, Mass: International Marketing Institute, 1965).
  • A Guide to Soviet Ideology (U. S. Army War College, 1962).
  • The Economic Elements of National Power. Co-authored with Marshall Robinson (U. S. Army War College, 1961).
  • Economic Capability for War and Wartime Economic Potential (Washington: Industrial College of the Armed Forces, 1956).
  • "A New Economic Model for Hong Kong" in Staff Papers, entire issue, June 1975.
  • "Today's Need: a Foreign Economic Policy for Hong Kong" Ming Pao, Dec. 1974.
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  • "New Departures in International Economics" Bentley Business and Economic Review, Oct. 1967, pp. 14 ff.
  • "BLUTRADE, an Export Expansion Program that Works" in International Trade Forum

Fahy, Colleen

Associate Professor of Economics

  • "Fiscal Capacity Measurement and Equity in Local Contributions to Schools: The Effects of Education Finance Reform in Massachusetts." Journal of Education Finance 37.4 (Spring 2012): 317-346. Print.
  • “Education Funding in Massachusetts: The Effects of Aid Modifications on Vertical and Horizontal Equity.” Journal of Education Finance 3.3 ( Winter 2011): 217-243. Print.
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Knoles, Lucia

Professor of English

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    Winner of a 2007 Award of Merit for Leadership in History from the American Association of State and Local History
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    Selected for an EDSITEment aware as one of the best resources for education in the humanities.
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Land, Michael

Assistant Professor of English

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Lang, James

Associate Professor of English

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Meyer, Allison

Assistant Professor of English

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Murphy, Ann

Professor of English

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Ramsey, Rachel

Assistant Professor of English

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Shields, Paul

Assistant Professor of English

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Thoreen, David

Professor of English

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True, Michael D.

Professor Emeritus of English

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Assistant Professor of Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies

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Pica-Smith, Cinzia

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Associate Professor of Human Services & Rehabilitation Studies

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Assistant Professor of Human Services & Rehabilitation Studies

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Stuart, Charles K.

Professor Emeritus of Human Services & Rehabilitation Studies

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Alfano, Joseph

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

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Carlin, Kevin J.

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

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Kelton, Suzanne

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

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Aubin, George F.

Professor Emeritus of French and Linguistics

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Bonanno, Richard

Assistant Professor of Italian

  • Translator: Macchia, Annalaura. Cancellato!
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Catto, Bonnie A.

Professor of the Classics

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Assistant Professor of Spanish

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Professor of French

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Associate Professor of Spanish

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Associate Professor of Spanish

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Quintal, Claire

Professor Emerita of French

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Associate Professor of French

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Adhikari, Ananta

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

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Babineau, Alexis, a.a.

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

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    Co-translator: Claire Quintal.


Colby Davie, Elizabeth A.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

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Cromarty, Stuart

Professor of Biology

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Dix, Edward J.

Associate Professor of Chemistry

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Dugan, Aisling

Asssitant Professor of Biology

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Georgiev, Georgi

Assistant Professor of Physics

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Hauri, James F., Jr.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

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Krzywicka-Racka, Anna

Adjunct Faculty in Natural Sciences

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Lemons, Michele L.

Assistant Professor of Biology

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Mahon, Paul J.

Professor Emeritus of Biology

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McCready, Jessica

Assistant Professor of Biology

  • "An Impermeant Ganetespib Analog Inhibits Extracellular Hsp90-Mediated Cancer Cell Migration That Involves Lysyl Oxidase 2-like Protein."Cancers 6 (2014): 1031-046. Print. With Daniel S. Wong, Joseph A. Burlison, Weiwen Ying, and Daniel G. Jay.
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Meunier, Hubert G.

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

  • "Novel Peripherally Functionalized Seco-Porphyrazines: Synthesis, Characterization and Spectroscopic Evaluation," Tetrahedron 59 (2003): 9083-9090. Co-authored with E.G. Sakellariou, A.G. Montalban, S.L. Beall, D. Henderson, D. Phillips, K. Suhling, A.G. Barrett, and B.M. Hoffman.
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Niece, Brian K.

Associate Professor of Chemistry

  •  “Determination of Mercury in Fish: A Low-Cost Implementation of Cold-Vapor Atomic Absorbance for the Undergraduate Environmental Chemistry Laboratory.” Journal of Chemical Education 90.4 (April 9, 2013): 487-489. Print. With Hauri, J.
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Pickering, Mary

Adjunct Faculty in Career & Continuing Education, Natural Sciences

Reisert, Patricia S.

Professor Emerita of Biology

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Schandel, Kimberly A.

Associate Professor of Biochemistry

  • "Interaction among Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Pheromone Receptors during Endocytosis." Biology Open 3.4 (2014): 297-306. Print. With Chien-I Chang and Duane D. Jenness.
  • "The C Terminus of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae alpha-Factor receptor Contributes to the Formation of Preactivation Complexes with Its Cognate G Protein," Molecular and Cellular Biology, July 2000.
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Serquina, Anna Kristina

Laboratory Instructor for Biology

  • “Cellular MicroRNA and P Bodies Modulate Host-HIV-1 Interactions.” Molecular Cell 34.6 (2009): 696-709. Co-authored with Robin Nathans, Chia-ying Chu, Chih-Chung Lu, Hong Cao and Tariq M. Rana.

Sholes, Owen D. V.

Associate Professor of Biology

  • "Effects of Ice Storm Damage on Radial Growth of Quercus Spp.” Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 140.3 (2014): 364-68. Print.
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Theroux, Steven J.

Professor of Biology

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Warby, Richard

Visiting Assistant Professor

  • "A Response to Wilson Et Al. A Critique of the Manuscript: 'Distribution and Concentrations of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Associated with the BP/Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Gulf of Mexico'" Marine Pollution Bulletin 79.1-2 (2014): 391-92. Print. With P.W. Sammarco, M. Kaltofen, J.  Bouldin, W. Subra, and S.A.  Porter.
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Wilkins, Heather

Associate Professor of Biology

  • “Estrogen prevents sustained COLO-205 human colon cancer cell growth by inducing apoptosis, decreasing c-myb protein and decreasing transcription of the anti-apoptotic protein bcl-2.” Tumor Biology 31.1 (2010): 16-22. Co-authored with K. Doucet, V. Duke, A. Morra and N. Johnson.
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Bauer, Frederick R.

Associate Professor of Philosophy

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Colvert, Gavin

Associate Professor of Philosophy

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Corrigan, J. Patrick

Associate Professor of Philosophy

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Flynn, Molly B.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

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Gallagher, Paul J.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

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Assistant Professor of Philosophy

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Keeley, Louise Carroll

Professor of Philosophy

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Maher, Daniel P.

Associate Professor of Philosophy

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Ranasinghe, Nalin

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

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Dobski, Bernard, Jr.

Assistant Professor of Political Science

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Geddert, Jeremy

Assistant Professor of Political Science

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Mahoney, Daniel J.

Professor of Political Science

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