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Mapping North America

The maps chosen for this section of the digital collection represent only a fraction of the many fascinating maps found within the books of the Mallet Collection. Many of the older items in the collection feature large folded maps, enhanced with minute detail of terrain, pioneer settlements, and Native American communities. Unfortunately, many of these folded maps were too large to fit on the glass of a digital scanner and therefore were excluded.

In viewing these old maps, it is interesting to note which place names survived over time and which were replaced with the names we recognize today. Similarly, maps from the mid-nineteenth century seem almost crude or incomplete, as they lack the detail and physical characteristics of the largely unsettled west coast. But the beauty of these maps also lies in their appeal as individual works of art. Not just worthy because of their historical significance, they reflect the skill and talent of 18th and 19th century cartographers.

The images in this section are divided into the following geographical areas:

Canada and New France

Native American Settlements

United States

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