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A Poetry Reading by David Thoreen

Friday, September 20 at 4pm

David Thoreen.

David Thoreen teaches writing and literature at Assumption College. His poetry, fiction, and nonfiction have appeared in Great River Review, Natural Bridge, Slate, and other literary journals, and he writes occasional book reviews for the Boston Globe. In 2011, he was awarded a Tennessee Williams Scholarship to attend the Sewanee Writers' Conference. Other awards include the Worcester County Poetry Association's annual prize, a Devine Fellowship for Fiction, and Minnesota Monthly's Tamarack Award for Fiction.



Release from Hiroshima Hospital

Carried to the far side of Demerol
I dreamed a thousand cranes ascending
or silent, suspended—motionless—on strings,
origami decoys, paperweights
begotten, not made, by a saintly child whose lungs
hung half-inflated, like balloons in moonlight
struggling.  So, at last, her skeleton.

Somehow the girl remains—her bowl of rice
and fish, her fingers birthing birds.  She haunts me.
Her body lingers in the mind’s tight corners,
as if to say that faith alone could suffice,
as if to say that we could know what we want,
as if to say All this could be yours.


“Release from Hiroshima Hospital” first appeared in the Fall-Winter 2008 issue of Great River Review.