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Art Exhibition

Michel Duncan Merle & A.J. Juarez


August 30 - October 12

Opening Reception - Tuesday, September 4, 4:30pm

painting by Michel Duncan Merle
Michel Duncan Merle

Michel Duncan Merle was an early bloomer and as a child in Paris, France
he was taught figure drawing and other art techniques at the Akademia
Duncan by his grandfather Raymond Duncan, the Art Deco pioneer and
brother of modern dancer Isadora Duncan.


Michel studied Art and Anthropology at Columbia University, and received
his MFA from The Instituto Allende in Mexico. His work has been exhibited
in Paris, New York, Mexico, and many other venues. He is a founding
member of Noh Place Artist Cooperative in Worcester, and a professor emeritus at Worcester State University.


Michel and the Duncan Family are reorganizing the Akademia Duncan as a
Massachusetts based non-profit. According to Mr. Duncan Merle,


" The Akademia project seek to adhere to what Raymond Duncan wanted to
teach us: to not be elitist- no mumbo jumbo- about how superior we are to
others by association with the high and mighty … also, no rejection of the
elite, just treat them as equals to those amongst us that excel at life, often
without credentials... the manual laborer, the skilled tradesman, the
independent thinker."