Spring 2019 Events

Course Innovation Academy: In Practice

January 4, 2019

The eight members of the Assumption College Course Innovation Academy met throughout the fall semester to read and think about effective teaching, especially from a design perspective. In the spring we shift our conversations to more practical matters, as course participants begin to experiment with new techniques and approaches in their spring courses, and put the finishing touches on the courses they are re-designing for next year. Following our first session on January 4th, we will hold our spring meetings on February 4, March 18, and April 29. Each member of the Academy will be writing a blog post for this website that formalizes what they have taken away from our time together, and describes how their teaching has been transformed from our reading and conversations. You can watch a brief video of last year’s work in the Academy on the DCTE Brightspace page to which all faculty have access.

DCTE Advisory Council

January 17th, 11:30-12:30, TFAC 237

Our Advisory Council meets with us once per semester in order to help provide advice on our current programming and initiatives, help us consider new ideas, and inform the community about the work of the DCTE. Advisory Council members are either elected through the Faculty Senate or appointed by the Provost.

Food for Thought: Meditation and Mindfulness

February 12th, 11:30-12:30 pm, TFAC 237

Have you heard about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness?  Have you wondered whether these practices could positively impact your teaching, research, and/or students?  In this Food For Thought, Prof. Paula Fitzpatrick will evaluate the science behind some of the claims for the value of these practices and will offer practical suggestions about how to explore incorporating meditation and mindfulness into everyday life.  We will also engage in several mindfulness and meditation practices together.

Spring Faculty Learning Community: A Symposium on the Lecture

February 26th, 5:00-7:00 pm

Debates and discussions about the lecture, and its continued role in higher education teaching, have been high-spirited in recent years. Some faculty argue that the lecture is dead as a teaching method (or should be), while others see it as a still-vital part of higher education today. Our spring faculty learning community will take the form of a symposium on the lecture. Prof. Paul Gallagher (Philosophy) will open the event with a defense of the lecture; following his address, a handful of Assumption faculty will deliver brief “flash lectures” on what they believe makes for a great lecture. We will then open the event for conversation about lectures, lecturing, and lecturers in higher education today. This event will take place–as all good symposia do–over dinner, and all attendees will receive a copy of a book on teaching and learning in higher education. Join us for what promises to be a thought-provoking and enlightening evening of lecture and conversation.

Teaching Distracted Minds: The 2018-2019 Innovations in Higher Education Lecture

March 28th, 11:30-12:30 pm

Prof. James Lang (English), Director of the D’Amour Center for Teaching Excellence, will deliver this year’s Innovations in Higher Education Lecture.  The lecture will draw from the research in Jim’s book-in-progress, Teaching Distracted Minds, scheduled for publication from Basic Books in 2020. The lecture will provide an overview of the history and biology of distraction, provide some pathways for productive thinking about this ancient and persistent problem, and invite listeners to consider how their teaching practices might shape the attention and distraction of their students.

Food for Thought: Student Perspectives on Teaching

April 16th, 11:30-12:30 pm, TFAC 237

The D’Amour Student Fellows are working throughout the spring semester to interview fellow students on campus in order to get their perspectives on teaching and learning at Assumption. They will be compiling the interview responses into a video that we will feature on our DCTE Brightspace page (to which all Assumption faculty have access) and that we will debut at our final event of the spring semester. Please join us for lunch, to view the video, and to engage in discussion with our filmmakers about what they learned from their fellow students–and what we can learn from them.