Mission: The Center for Teaching Excellence works to foster and contribute to conversations about teaching and learning at Assumption College.  The Center sponsors programs and events related to teaching and learning in higher education; consults and collaborates with individuals, offices, departments, and programs that impact teaching and learning; gathers and disseminates resources on teaching and learning in higher education to all teaching faculty; and produces, supports, and promotes the scholarship of teaching and learning on campus and in the broader higher education community.

The Center’s primary activities include:

  • New Faculty Orientation: The Center works with the new faculty throughout the year to ensure a smooth transition to teaching at Assumption College.
  • Observation and Consultations: The Director of the Center is available to consult or collaborate with individual faculty members or with offices, departments, or programs on all matters related to teaching and learning on campus.
  • Programming: Regularly scheduled events include a monthly Food for Thought luncheon series; a Faculty Learning Community dinner each semester; and an Innovations in Higher Education Lecture Series in the spring.
  • Resources: The Center gathers and disseminates resources on teaching and learning to the campus community, including information about conferences, new books and periodicals, trends in higher education, and work being done by faculty on campus.
  • Research and Conference Support: The Center provides funding for faculty to attend teaching conferences in order to learn about and bring to campus the latest in innovative pedagogies; it also has funds available to support small-scale teaching innovations on campus.
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: The Director conducts and publishes research on teaching and learning in higher education, and supports and collaborates with faculty who wish to explore or produce scholarship on teaching and learning in higher education.

All Assumption College faculty, full- and part-time, are welcome to attend Center events and take full advantage of its resources.