2017 CTE Initiatives

Welcome to the spring 2017 semester!  We are pleased to announce three exciting new initiatives that will take place during the 2017 calendar year.

We begin with the launch of the classroom experiments that we are conducting with the support of our grant from the Davis Educational Foundation.  December and January included an enormous amount of behind-the-scenes work conducted by the grant team, led by CTE Associate Director for Grants and Research Sarah Cavanagh.  The initial classroom interventions will take place during the first week of classes, and then will continue throughout the spring and fall 2017 semesters.  We are very excited to see what data will emerge from the study.

Second, the Center for Teaching Excellence will be partnering with the D’Alzon Library to sponsor two Faculty Writing Days in the spring 2017 semester (check the “Events” tab for the schedule).  This program will be modeled on similar initiatives undertaken by other centers around the country, one which expands the scope of the Center’s work to include supporting faculty in all areas of their work, including research and publication.  These Faculty Writing Days consist simply of scheduling time and space (and snacks!) in the second-floor library classroom for faculty to come and dedicate some time to their research and writing.  We hope that the presence of your colleagues working away will inspire you to make some progress on that article, book chapter, book project, or conference paper that always seems to get pushed aside by more immediate concerns.  Although the D’Alzon staff will be on hand to support faculty for any research needs they might have, mostly we intend for these days simply to create a space for faculty to schedule time to get some writing done.

Third, the Center will be preparing this spring for the creation of another exciting new initiative in the fall of 2017: the CTE Student Fellows program.  We will be working with the Academic Support Center to identify four ASC tutors who will serve as Student Fellows of the Center, and who will help us ensure that student voices have a place in our work.  The Student Fellows will receive a small grant, and in turn will have a number of responsibilities within the Center, including writing blog posts for this web site, collaborating on planning one of our Food for Thought programs, and having monthly meetings with the Center staff to help us enhance our mission and regular events.

Of course, the Center will continue with its usual programming during the spring 2017 spring semester, with two Food for Thought events, our Spring Faculty Learning Community, and our annual Innovations in Higher Education lecture.  Meetings continue throughout the year for both our New Faculty Orientations and the Course Innovation Academy.  You can find all of the information about these events on the updated schedule.

And last but not least, we will spend the spring in happy anticipation of our move into the newest building on campus, the Tsotsis Family Academic Center, where we hope to work with faculty who are interested in using two new collaborative learning classrooms that are currently under construction.  You’ll hear more from us on that soon.

Best wishes for a great semester.