Altos, Katie Waszak and Allison DePasse process down the main aisle during the opening hymn Sopranos Karyn Boys, Kristen St. Martin, Amanda Carelli, and Danielle St. Martin sing with exhuberance Tenors Mike Wood and Lowe Dongor join with Altos Megan Chenaille and Michelle Orlando
Director, Jane Shivick and the Choir are accompanied by Dr. Frank Corbin, organist A side view of the Choir during their performance Director, Jane Shivick conducts the Choir
Classical guitarist, Peter Clemente and flutists, Elizabeth and Rosemary Metcalf, accompany the Choir A view from above of the Choir in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit A view of the congregation during the performance
A view of the Choir from the congregation The Choir on the altar in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit