Choir members pose for a photo inside the church Allyse Gruslin, Colleen Walls, and Karyn Boys are sitting down laughing Choir members at Emmanuel House are standing and posing for this picture
Ice Breakers the students are sitting in a circle while participating in an icebreaker activity Retreat participants pose for a photo in the Chapel Diane Comstock, Mike Valalik, and Jeff Roy are sitting in a circle
Erin Conran, Amanda Carelli, and Gerard Magnarelli are sitting down smiling Name that tune! Students are singing a song together The Full Monty! Students perform The Full Monty for an audience
I write the songs A group of students sing a song together Katie, TJ, Pam, Jared, Jackie, and Micaela are singing together Dan Carelli and the Supremes are singing
Kristen, Danielle, Gerard, Kristen, Erin, and Cara are singing together Love the hands! Students are singing together Getting connected students are participating in bonding activity
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