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April 27, 2009

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What happened to the content posted to the Digital Dropbox before we upgraded Blackboard to version 9?

Content that was uploaded to the Digital Dropbox in Blackboard versions 5.5 – 8.0 is still on the server. Unfortunately when Blackboard eliminated this tool from release 9 they eliminated any links in courses created in earlier versions.

To access this information, you must create an archive using the Archive tool on the Archive/Export page on the control panel, under Packages and Utilities. After you receive the message that the archive is ready, return to the Archive/Export page and download it to your computer. What Blackboard has created for you is a zip file containing the complete contents of your course, including student submitted files and content. (A course Export will contain your content but not the students’ submissions.)

You can use any zip file extraction tool to see the contents of the package, but you will not see the file names given by the students to their files. To see those names, download and install bFree, a Blackboard archive viewer and extraction tool created and shared by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. You can download the tool at:

After you install bFree you can open any Blackboard export or archive file and view the contents. You can then choose which content you’d like to export. You can export folder, individual files, or the entire course site as either files or webpages.

What is the default customize setting for course home pages?

The default setting for customize course home page is no customization by students. Instructors must explicitly choose to enable this setting for students to change this page.

How do I use a webcam/microphone with the Blackboard collaboration tools?

At present the Collaboration tool in Blackboard do not support the use of either webcam or microphone. However as of April 2009 we have begun testing the Wimba Pronto Basic building block for Blackboard. This tool uses Voice over IP, to allow synchronous audio communication between participants. More information will be posted as testing progresses.

I created a group but my students can’t see it. What’s wrong?

When Blackboard upgraded the default settings on groups was changed. In earlier versions the default setting was “available.” In version 9, the default group availability setting is “unavailable.” When creating groups be sure to change the availability setting so students can see the group.

I added an image to a content area for a banner and it’s not displaying. What did I do wrong?

Nothing. As far as I can determine adding an image to the content area through the Text box on the edit content area page does nothing. Adding text does not display any additional text. I’ll be contacting Blackboard for a status on these items.

I set the color for the title of an item to be other than black but the title still displays in black. What’s wrong?

The feature to set the color of the name of an item to something other than black is not working. I’ll be contacting Blackboard about this.

I get an error when trying to add a banner to the course Home Page. What’s wrong?

This is a known problem. To add a banner image to the course Home Page click on Style under Customization in the Control panel. Select the image file in section 5 and click submit. I’m reporting this problem to Blackboard.

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