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April 27, 2009

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On Monday, May 13th the documentation on this page will be updated to refer to Blackboard Version 9.1 Service Pack 11 in preparation for the upgrade which will be installed on Assumption’s system on May 14th. In addition, student documentation will be moved to a separate page.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Blackboard Instructor Documentation

Blackboard 9 Interface: The Blackboard 9 interface is a significant change from the interface in previous versions. This handout shows you the new interface and where you will find the functions from earlier versions.

Course Menu: Another change in the newest version of Blackboard is where you modify the course menu. This handout describes how to modify the course menu and how the course menu works in this version of the system.

Course Properties: In Blackboard 9, the control panel has become a dynamic menu on the main course page. It’s visible only to instructors or accounts with instructor-like priviledges (TA, Course Builder, etc). This handout describes where the various course properties are set within the new control panel.

Course Tools: Discussion Boards, Chat, and Group pages are all examples of tools you might use in your course. This handout describes how to make tools available to your students. Most basic tools are available by default, but as we add functionality to the system through Building Blocks, you may want to enable these new tools for yourself or your students.

Adding Content to your Blackboard course: This handout describes how to add content to your course site. Content might be documents such as the syllabus and handouts or it might be links to web resources.

Copying Content from course to course: You create content in a Blackboard course site and want to use it in multiple courses. You do not have to upload or recreate the content in each course but can copy it from one course to another. This is especially useful for large files when you need to access Blackboard over a slow connection. This handout describes how to copy individual items across courses.

Blackboard Grade Center: Blackboard has a gradebook in which you can record student grades. Students can view their own grades from the student view grades tool.

  • Downloading Assignments
  • Grading Assignments using the inline grading tool.

Discussion Board: The Discussion Board in Blackboard has few changes from the most recent version. This handout has been updated to reflect the new user interface.

Assessments in Blackboard: Blackboard has tools to create tests, quizzes, and surveys. While you may not use the test manager for graded assignments you might find it useful for practice quizzes. The survey tool allows you to create anonymous surveys.

Turnitin Assignments: You can add Turnitin Assignments in Blackboard and have the service check papers for plaigarism.

Blogs and Journals: New to version 9 are blogs and journals. These are reflective tools intended to allow individuals to post comments for either instructor or class comments.

Retention Center: The Retention Center is a tool used to alert instructors that students are having difficulty in the course. Rules that flag students are based on graded performance, accessing Blackboard, or late/missing course work. Instructors can send e-mails to students to reach out to offer assistance.

Performance Dashboard: The Performance Dashboard provides instructors with a quick glance snapshot of each student’s performance in the course.

Course Banners – Freeware tools for creating attractive banners for Blackboard course sites.

Document Unpackager - The Document Unpackager Building Block allows you to upload a zip containing several files/folders to your Blackboard site and have Blackboard unzip the package and create folders/items for each of the documents in the file.

Export/Import Package tool: The Export/Import tools allow you to copy content from one course to another. You can retain a copy of the export on your local computer for uploading to future courses.

Course EnrollmentĀ Merge Tool: If you teach multiple sections of a course or cross-listed course you can merge the enrollments into a single course site.

Quick Guides

Quick Guides are short documents describing how to complete simple tasks in Blackboard.
Creating Announcements

Creating Documents

Creating Folders

Attaching Files to Documents in Blackboard

Changing Course Availability

Collecting Discussion Board postings to a single screen: The contents of the collected postings page can be copied and pasted into a word processor document for searching.

Controlling the Courses Listed Under My Courses

Sending E-mail from Blackboard

Viewing Your Roster in Blackboard

Multimedia and other content for your courses

How to create narrated PowerPoint shows

Best practices for narrated PowerPoint

Saving PowerPoint files with sound


Media Delivery Options

Using CamStudioto create screen videos

Faculty Technology QuickGuide

Starting this year we are providing new faculty with a “QuickGuide” to technology in use at Assumption. Although new faculty will recieve a hardcopy of this guide, here’s a link to the electronic version available to all faculty.

Faculty Technology QuickGuide – Fall 2011

Blackboard Student Documentation

Getting Started with Blackboard

Adding Blackboard as a Trusted Site to your Browser

Course Website Interface



Collaboration Tools

Quizzes, Tests, and Surveys

Discussion Board


Calendar and Tasks


Submitting TurnItIn assignments in Blackboard

Student Documentation – Media

Opening Compressed PowerPoint files

Printing PowerPoint files posted in Blackboard

Student Documentation – TurnItIn

Signing up and using the Turnitin Blackboard site

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