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May 19, 2009

Upgrading tomorrow…
Filed under: Blackboard — Lynn Cooke @ 2:52 pm

We’re all set for the upgrade tomorrow. I’ve finished revising the instructor documentation. I’ll finish the student documentation over the summer. Most of the changes are in the instructor interface and students should not see much more than cosmetic differences.

We’ll start the upgrade tomorrow at 9 AM and while that runs, will update the IT/Bb web pages to reflect the changes – mainly the version 9 documentation will be accessible from the instructor documentation page rather than a link deeper and the version 8 documentation will be removed.

Today I’m playing with the sign up feature in groups. After reading on the Blackboard listserv that the sign up tool is not going to be revised for version 9 because the group sign up tool offers similar functionality, I’ve been checking that out. One difference in the groups feature that I noticed today, groups are defaulted to unavailable. In version 8 the default was available. Must note that in the FAQs.

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