Jonathan Edwards and Others

by Miranda Raine on October 3, 2012

This semester I am fortunate enough to participate in the American Antiquarian Society Seminar! So far we have covered vast and interesting topics such as the role of religion in the Revolution, the Reformation, and are currently in the midst of discussing The Great Awakening. This past week, learning about the different revivals and reactions American colonists experienced through the readings of Jonathan Edwards and Charles Chauncy was an eye opener and led to an excellent discussion amongst the class. We each brought different view points and had a very lively discussion. My favorite part of the seminar so far is after discussing these incredible pieces by Chauncy, Edwards, Whitefield, etc. in a class discussion we head over to the American Antiquarian Society and are able to look at and flip through the actual documents from the time period. It truly is a remarkable experience and I consider myself very lucky to have this opportunity as an undergraduate. I am not sure what I will select as my research topic, but I am looking forward to figuring it out and am excited to be able to do research in a prestigious environment.

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