American Studies Seminar at the American Antiquarian Society

by Stephanie on October 21, 2011

Since I grew up around Worcester, I always wondered what secrets the large, imposing building on the corner of Salisbury and Park held. It wasn’t until I applied for the seminar that I realized it was a library, and not the kind of library I was used to! After a quick tour of the library one of the first weeks of the semsester and I realized that not even the librarians knew all the secrets inhabiting the many cold, dark rooms in the bowels of the grand building.

Almost as intriguing as the library is the Goddard Daniels House where the seminar is held. The room in which we meet in is luxurious and comfortable– no serried individual desk/chair combinations as found in most classrooms, but a large table surrounded by comfortable chairs. Since we can all face each other, class discussions are lively and more personal.

Our fearless leader, Hannah Carlson, is beautiful as well as brilliant. The readings are almost always engaging and class discussions are never dull. Best of all are the original documents she calls up for us to look at first hand. There is really nothing like seeing the real thing!

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