by Hannah on November 13, 2011

After combing through tons of children’s literature with the intent of examining children’s dress I realized I was in way over my head!  I was drowning in primary sources!  After allowing myself a miniature panic-attack I finally took a step back and decided to consult a professional.  Laura Wasowicz, curator of children’s literature at the AAS, became my saving grace.  As we were searching through the online catalog she mentioned in passing that I should consider narrowing my topic down to children’s play.  Children’s play!  How fascinating!  I had never considered this topic before, but according to Laura the AAS houses plenty of children’s literature relating to play.  Not only does the topic meet the guidelines of the course in relating to fashion through movement and the use of the body, I could relate it back to my interests as a Women’s Studies Minor through examining how play reflects gender roles.


With the rough draft of our research assignment due in just two weeks I have finally focused in on my research topic!

Children’ play and gender.  How perfect is that?


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