Reason, Revival, and Revolution: Religion in America’s Founding, 1726-1792

Every fall, students from Assumption College participate in the interdisciplinary American Studies Seminar sponsored by the American Antiquarian Society, where a visiting professor explores a different topic each year. The topic for Fall 2012 is “Reason, Revival, and Revolution: Religion in America’s Founding, 1726-1792,” led by Dr. Stephen A. Marini, Elisabeth Luce Moore Professor of Christian Studies and Professor of American Religion and Ethics at Wellesley College. Four Assumption students have been selected to participate in this prestigious seminar. In addition to exploring the extent that religion played a role in the founding of the American republic, each student pursues an original, independent research project using the AAS’s extensive archival collections.


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Sectarian Movements

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Jonathan Edwards and Others

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The AAS Seminar in 2012

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