The Post Office

by jason.duke on October 21, 2013

Today at the American Studies seminar, we discussed a book titled “Spreading the News” by Richard John which covered the origins and history of the post office. We talked about the reason the post office was formed and who it really benefited: Was the post office really just formed to inform the public or was it for someone groups personal gain? If it was created for personal gain, who did it help? The newspapers? Politicians themselves? These are all questions we covered today in class with people making compelling cases for each possible answer of each question. With these questions fresh in our minds, we headed over to the AAS to look at some documents. One person looked at a map of various mail delivery lines and another looked at a document emphasizing the need for maps in the post office among many other interesting documents. I was able to look at a book from 1800 which described the many rules and regulations of the Post Office. This included expected hours of operation, mail costs, and many other detailed oriented restrictions. This allowed us to delve even further into the world of the post office. Overall, it was an extremely interesting and compelling day at the AAS!

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