by jennifer.gargan on September 8, 2013

My name is Jen Gargan.  I am a senior this year and participating in the AAS 350 seminar.  I am a history major with a concentration in elementary education.  I transferred to Assumption at the start of my sophomore year and that is when I changed my major from environmental science to history.  I had decided that I wanted to be a teacher but needed another major to accompany it.  I had taken AP U.S. History in high school and had a wonderful, but intense, experience with that course.  In my freshman year at Stonehill College, I took a class about the social and cultural aspects of New York City from 1860-1920.  Through this class I realized my passion for history, so when I transferred I became a history major.  My primary areas of interest are in modern European and U.S. history.

My other area of interest that I am currently pursuing is revolved around my honors thesis.  My topic is the evolution of deaf education in the United States.  I have been learning sign language and have become very intrigued by the topic.  I was able to combine my interests in sign language and teaching with my passion for history to create my thesis.

I am very excited about the chance to participate in the AAS.  One of the aspects about history that I really enjoy is that it is naturally an interdisciplinary topic and this seminar incorporates that idea as well.  The research aspect of the seminar is also fascinating and I cannot wait to see what kinds of primary sources we will be examining.  I have not been to the AAS yet, so I am very excited to go there on Monday and see what we have in store for us this semester!



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