First Impression

by jason.duke on September 10, 2013

Hello again!

I was very excited for my first day at the American Antiquarian Society on Monday! Though a bit intimidating, it was great to finally get going on the seminar and see what I would be doing for the next few months. The facilities were impressive and seem like a fantastic environment to learn in. We began with an introduction about the facilities and about each student. We then talked about our first readings which created a rather interesting discussion. Next, we headed to look at the area where all the documents were stored. It was fascinating to see the conditions that the documents  needed to be held in and even some of the documents. Finally, we were able to see some documents that our Professor had chosen and have a discussion about the meanings of each of them. It was also quite interesting to see some of the artifacts besides printed documents that the American Antiquarian Society has throughout its facilities. Overall, my first impression was a positive one that created an even greater amount of excitement than I had before attending the seminar!

-Jason Duke

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