AAS Seminar So Far.

by Lauren on October 20, 2011

The seminar has been going well! Soon, we’ll have to officially confirm what our topic will be. I’m pretty sure mine is going to be “Mourning Jewelry and Accessories.” First and foremost, it’s appropriate for October (I know, I know, my paper is due in December but that’s just semantics). Secondly, the stuff that was created was absolutely phenomenal.

For example, this beautiful (but kind of ugly) ring:

It’s gold, kind of tacky, and super big. Most of my jewelry meet this criteria.

Anyway, it’s a little hard to see but in the middle, there’s a small bit of braided hair from the person who passed away. Also, on the back, the year 1857 is engraved.

Stuff like this makes me wicked excited to do research and write my paper. It also concerns me that my interests are becoming more morbid as I get older.

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