Internship & Fellowship Opportunities for History Majors

The History Department at Assumption College will be following several students as they participate in a variety of internships, including the American Antiquarian Society, the Gilder Lehrman Institute, and an independent research assistantship.

MB Mulligan ’12 at the Gilder Lehrman Institute in New York City

MB Mulligan has been selected to participate in the History Scholars Program at the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History in New York City. She is one of only forty students invited to participate from among undergraduate applicants at colleges and universities across the nation, Canada, and Great Britain. The program covers all her expenses during a week in New York City. During that time, she will attend lectures by prominent historians, engage in discussions with professionals about careers for history majors, and visit a variety of historic sites. (Read Entries)

American Studies Seminar at the American Antiquarian Society

Every fall, students from Assumption College participate in the interdisciplinary American Studies Seminar at the American Antiquarian Society, where a visiting professor has explored a different topic each year since 1978.  In addition to classroom discussions of assigned readings, students pursue an independent original research project under the supervision of a faculty mentor and the curators and librarians at the AAS.  In developing their projects, students have access to a variety of primary sources in the AAS archives, including newspapers, lithographs, maps, letters, photographs, and city directories.  Recent topics have included “The Nineteenth Century Networked Nation,” “Religion in America’s Founding,” “Clothing and Culture in America,” and “Sexualities in Early America.”  Admission to the seminar is highly competitive. (Read Entries)

Research Assistantship, MB Mulligan

MB Mulligan is working as a research assistant for Prof. Carl Keyes during the fall semester. Though some parts of the job can be accomplished on campus, especially using the Early American Newspapers database at the d’Alzon Library, MB spends even more time using the archival collections at the American Antiquarian Society. Prof. Keyes is working on a book about advertising practices and consumer culture in eighteenth-century America. To assist, MB examines patriotic prints and engravings, compiles marketing items from magazine wrappers, locates newspaper advertisements placed by women, and pursues a variety of other tasks. (Read Entries)

About the History Program at Assumption College  (Program Home)

The study of history opens students to new worlds and diverse cultures across time and place. Students of history at Assumption have the opportunity to understand life in the present by comparing and contrasting it with the rich and varied experiences of people who lived in the past in the United States, Europe, Asia, Russia and Latin America.

Whether you major or minor in history, the rigorous inquiry and analysis help to develop critical thinking skills that are highly valued in any profession. Close reading of primary and secondary sources sharpens research abilities. Students cultivate strong writing skills throughout their coursework.

History graduates take their degree in many directions. Almost one-third of history majors concentrate in education and plan to teach. Many Assumption graduates move into law, business, government and other fields that require strong reasoning and writing skills.