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October 15, 2013

Eric Reilly: Worcester Art Museum, Education Department
Reilly, Eric2

Interning at the Worcester Art Museum


Name: Eric Reilly

Hometown: Smithfield, RI

Major: Organizational Communication

Internship: Worcester Art Museum: Education Department


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Register students for art classes offered at the museum
  • Proofread and approve memos and pamphlets
  • Complete projects involving data regarding classes


Blog Entry:


The Worcester Art Museum is a charitable, non-profit organization. The organization’s purpose is to provide an educational experience for patrons and a first-hand look and immersion into the arts, as well as culture. A friendly and helpful atmosphere can always be expected by visitors on any occasion.


No two days have been the same since I have started my internship. I have worked on and completed a number of projects already, including the schedule for the current fall semester, and the complete profit projections for this fall. The people I work with make me feel like a truly important part of the team, as I am entrusted with the proofreading and final editing of mail outs and faculty memos. Staff even ask my opinion on issues that I am not even involved with!


A main source of income for the Worcester Art Museum is generated from the Education Department. There are many art classes for youth and adults of all ages. I especially enjoy working with the registration administrator in the Education Department, and helping students find and register for a class that most interests them. Classes range from drawing and painting to printmaking and computer art.

October 8, 2013

Camille Auger: Worcester Sharks (AHL)
Interning with the Worcester Sharks.

Interning with the Worcester Sharks.


Name: Camille Auger

From: Kennebunk, Maine

Major: Organizational Communication

Minor: Marketing

Internship: Worcester Sharks (AHL)


Primary Responsibilities:

  •  Compare the Worcester Sharks community programs with other AHL community programs
  • Propose and develop new community events
  • Update fan data on excel worksheets after events
  • Assist the Marketing Department with promotional campaigns
  • Work at Worcester Sharks events


Blog Entry:


The Worcester Sharks are a professional hockey franchise located in the DCU Center in downtown Worcester. Every employee, from player to office worker, works at a fast pace in a team-orientated organization devoted to creating an efficient, comfortable work environment. Theoffice staff is devoted to enhancing ticket sales and creating a positive impact on the Worcester community.


As a marketing intern with the Worcester Sharks, my favorite experience has been conducting research about how the Worcester Sharks contribute to the community. A few of their annual events include “Reading is Cool” and the “Sharks Street Brigade”. Both of these events involve getting youth involved in education and sports. I had the opportunity to work at the Kids Club event where I helped young children learn basic hockey skills and become a part of the Sharks Kids Club.


As I gather research on what other teams do in the AHL to enhance their local communities, I am proposing ideas to develop an annual golf tournament to raise money for charity as well as hospital visits by our team mascot, Finz, to young children suffering with cancer. I greatly appreciate working in the area of community programming.


October 4, 2013

Katie Tarpey: Worcester Sharks
Interning with the Worcester Sharks.

Interning with the Worcester Sharks.


Name: Katie Tarpey

Hometown: Melrose, MA

Major: Organizational Communication

Minor: Marketing

Internship: Worcester Sharks AHL


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Research and report findings of competitor AHL team ticket packages and offerings
  • Generate fliers and posters for company events
  • Manage and enter data for Kid’s Club and group registrations


Blog Entry:

The Worcester Sharks is a small, tight-knit organizational team that works hard to provide the best game experience for their audience. Their departments all work together to guarantee customer satisfaction. Customer service is a huge concept with the Sharks because the fans not only attend for hockey, but also for the experience and fun atmosphere of an AHL game.


Working as a ticket sales intern, I focus on researching competitor teams’ ticket packages and what is offered to their season ticket holders. I also research contact information of schools and organizations to target for future involvement with the Sharks. I log in all registrations for upcoming birthday parties and then help prepare gift bags for upcoming events. I also keep track of the Kid’s Club registration.


My experience working on group projects in my Introduction to Management and Principles of Marketing classes have taught me how to work together with a group to focus and get the task at hand done. This has proven to be one of the best skills to have at the Sharks, because when it comes down to it, we’re all working together to produce the best quality entertainment we can. So, whether it is working with staff from other departments or forming an assembly line with other interns, the job gets done- and done to the best of our ability.

September 27, 2013

Genevieve O’Malley: Worcester Sharks
Interning with the Worcester Sharks

Interning with the Worcester Sharks


Name: Genevieve O’Malley

Hometown: Norfolk, MA
Major: International Business
Minor: Spanish
Internship: Worcester Sharks


Primary responsibilities:

  • Compare the Worcester Shark ticket packages with their competitor teams in the American Hockey League (AHL)
  • Create posters for upcoming events
  • Research the community events sponsored by the Sharks
  • Update organizational databases of contacts
  • Organize birthday celebrations or any type of group outing

Blog Entry:
The Worcester Sharks are part of the AHL that is storming  the country! From hockey player to office worker, each and every team member works hard to make the Worcester Sharks succeed in an enjoyable work environment. All the employees create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


As a ticket sales intern, I observe how a reputable company establishes their brand successfully. In the office, I work on many different projects. My most important task is comparing the Sharks ticket packages with all other AHL teams ticket packages. This is critical for improving the Sharks ticket options, therefore, increasing fan attendance and satisfaction.


In all of my business classes, especially marketing, there is an emphasis on the ability to satisfy consumers. Working in ticket sales requires a sense of friendliness and approachability. Using these customer service characteristics will help me as I move forward in all types of business endeavors!

May 3, 2013

Maura Newey: RDW Group
Interning with RDW Group

Interning with RDW Group


Name: Maura Newey
Hometown: Maynard, MA
Major: Marketing
Minor: Writing
Internship Sponsor: RDW Group


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Conduct background research for clients such as the Higgins Armory, Reliant Medical Group and Worcester Art Museum.
  • Participate in internal and client meetings.
  • Work with clients to draft and revise news and event releases.
  • Track and analyze media placements.
  • Compose media lists for releases and events.
  • Conduct research for client media outreach.

Blog Entry:
RDW Group is an integrated communications firm with offices in Worcester, Boston and Providence, RI.  They serve a wide variety of  clients ranging from healthcare and higher education to financial services and energy. All of the work that RDW Group performs embodies their “ Think, Work, Win” motto.


As an intern in the Worcester office, I have had the opportunity to work with the Higgins Armory, Worcester Art Museum and Reliant Medical Group.  I have written many press releases for events sponsored by Higgins Armory Museum. I also wrote press releases about new doctors joining the practice at Reliant Medical Group. In addition, I have also worked with media sources tracking software to  analyze media placements for the Worcester Art Museum. 


I have applied concepts that I learned in my Public Relations class, such as composing media lists and writing press releases. I have heard concepts from my Marketing on the Internet class being referenced in the meetings I have attended.


My time as an intern at RDW Group has showed me all of the operational aspects of a communications business. This internship has also helped me realize that I am interested in pursuing a career in public relations or advertising.

May 1, 2013

Natalie Kaschuluk: Living HIPP/HIPP Enterprises

Interning with Living HIPP/ HIPP Enterprises


Name: Natalie Kaschuluk
Hometown, State: Nantucket, MA
Major: Organizational Communication
Minor: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Living HIPP/ HIPP Enterprises

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Booking interviews with television and radio media sources for Living HIPP
  • Promoting written coverage of Living HIPP
  • Promoting Living Hipp and brand on social media 
  • Researching and revising upcoming book for teens 

Blog Entry:
Pam Guyer, my internship sponsor, is a successful keynote speaker, author, entrepreneur and lifestyle expert. She has 20 years of experience in leadership development, training, and life/business coaching. In her new book, Living HIPP: Happy, Inspired, Passionate, and Peaceful, she encourages women to take control of their time, energy, and mindset to own their lives. Pam’s purpose is to inspire millions of women, teens and girls to live their HIPP life.


As an intern for Pam, I have had the opportunity to work side-by-side with her to help market her book, and to also learn all that she has to offer in business and in life.  I am applying the skills that I have acquired in my Organizational Communication major to write and speak effectively about this book, and the vision that Pam has for the world. Working with Pam has inspired me to find my true passion in life, which is to help others. After graduation, I would like to be a motivational speaker and help women change their lives. 


This internship has offered me more than I could have imagined. The mentoring that I have received from Pam has been life changing. The quality of this hands-on experience with an amazing woman has made me realize that I have so much to offer and can truly make a difference.

April 22, 2013

Connor MacNeil: Brookfield Renewable Energy Group
Interning with Brookfield Renewable Energy Group

Interning with Brookfield Renewable Energy Group


Name: Connor MacNeil
Hometown: Wayland, MA
Major: Marketing and International Business
Internship Sponsor: Brookfield Renewable Energy Group


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assembled a daily media report for internal stakeholders
  • Developed enhancements for Brookfield’s internal internet database
  • Organized and updated Brookfield’s hydroelectric asset data

Blog Entry:
Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners is a publicly traded, non-profit organization that owns and operates over 100 hydroelectric facilities and wind turbines in the United States, Brazil and Canada. As a member of a successful international organization, I witnessed first-hand the unique and relevant cultural differences that occur in the workplace. As an International Business major, I applied my classroom knowledge to these issues, gained an understanding for how and why they occur and handled them accordingly.


As a communications intern, I was exposed to various channels and varieties of inter-organizational communications. This was an eye- opening experience because I never realized the immense amount of information that must be internally transmitted in order for a company to function properly. Although Brookfield rarely utilizes consumer marketing, I was able to apply my learned marketing skills on internal media drafts, asset fact sheets and various data reports.


My internship at Brookfield was an amazing experience and further confirmed my aspirations to pursue a career path in the renewable energy sector. Brookfield has provided me with a great foundation as I enter graduate school in pursuit of my MBA in Sustainable Enterprise. I hope to someday undertake a business venture of my own and apply the valuable knowledge that I have learned during my semester with Brookfield Renewable Energy Group.

Sarah Bevins: Worcester Sharks (AHL)
Interning with the Worcester Sharks

Interning with the Worcester Sharks


Name: Sarah Bevins
Hometown: Northford, Connecticut
Major: Marketing and Organizational Communications
Internship Sponsor: Worcester Sharks (AHL)


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Promote upcoming events on social media websites
  • Assist the Marketing Department with promotional campaigns
  • Research marketing tools to raise awareness and interest in the Sharks organization
  • Update the Sharks website

Blog Entry:
As a marketing intern with the Worcester Sharks, I experienced and learned how a professional sport franchise operates. The Worcester Sharks is a fast-paced and friendly environment. I have worked in multiple departments and have helped with projects and preparations for home game operations. My classes, such as Interpersonal Communication and International Communication, have prepared me to communicate effectively to be successful in this position.


My designated role during every home game was to be the MC assistant. This is an in-game promotional job that entails making sure our in-game promoter is where he/she needs to be at certain times. This consists of a lot of running around the concourse because I  had to pick out contestants for promotions during the game, make sure to keep constant communication with the camera crew, and make sure the MC is on time to the promotions. This job was definitely my favorite part of the internship and made me realize I may want to pursue a possible career in sports marketing.

Joanne Ferullo: Plansee USA
Interning with Plansee USA

Interning with Plansee USA


Name: Joanne Ferullo
Hometown, State: Franklin, MA
Major: Accounting
Internship Sponsor: Plansee USA


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Review and update intercompany transfer price documentation incorporating Thomson Reuters comparable company data and complete contract documentation supporting intercompany transactions
  • Manage fixed asset records by reconciling physical documentation with electronic ledger and scanning each asset record to its own file (approx. 200 assets)
  • Itemize asset additions and disposals calculating gains or losses on disposals
  • Tie-out numbers to G/L account balances

Blog Entry:
Plansee USA engages in the machining, fabricating, and selling/distributing of refractory metals and refractory metal products, and transforms semi-finished products into components ready for installation, including everything from small parts for X-ray tubes to ready-assembled hot zones for high-temperature furnaces. They work with the latest high-tech equipment to create new and improved cost-effective products with the best designs. Throughout my internship, I have become acquainted with Plansee’s assets as well as their processes for organizing, maintaining and valuing them.


While studying the intercompany transfer price documentation, I analyze Plansee’s arm’s length price, their functions and risks analysis, and other concepts, which have been discussed in my accounting courses. Throughout my analysis of Plansee’s asset documents, I have learned about the many components that go into each asset record and of all the equipment needed to satisfy the business. Because of classes which I have taken, such as Intermediate Accounting and Cost Accounting, I am able to better comprehend the documents and valuations.


Between updating  documents and classifying and arranging others, I have developed expertise in my Excel skills as well as advanced my experience with the many features of Microsoft Word, such as the side-by-side document review. I have learned to adapt to a working environment and become my own leader in the projects assigned to me.

April 16, 2013

Megan Flanagan: Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)


Interning at the Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)

Interning at the Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)

Name: Megan Flanagan
Hometown: East Longmeadow, MA
Major: English, with a concentration in writing and mass communications
Minor: Education
Internship: Worcester Business Journal (WBJ) 


Primary Responsibilities:
My internship responsibilities are to:

  • Write articles for online and print publication
  • Organize and publish social media through HootSuite platform
  • Edit articles using AP Style
  • Conduct research on towns, hotels, banquet facilities, and golf courses in the Central Massachusetts area
  • Organize research and data in Excel sheets

Blog Entry:
As an editorial intern at the Worcester Business Journal, I am contributing to  the editorial process of a small communications business that has a strong reputation within the Worcester community.  I am using my editing and mass communication skills that I have learned in my English major coursework.


Interning at the WBJ on “press day” allows me to see the mechanics behind how a publication runs, especially in the fast-paced procedure of publication deadlines. Along with a small team of staff members, I am exposed to a culture where everyone has a lot of responsibility. Teamwork, as well as individual accomplishment, is a large component of the day-to-day process at the WBJ.


My journalism, business and technical writing, and marketing courses have prepared me for my internship with the WBJ. I use my interviewing techniques and AP Style writing skills that I learned in my journalism class on a daily basis when conducting interviews with local businesses. My computer science – business applications class taught me how to organize research data by using Excel.


This internship with the Worcester Business Journal  has prepared me to look for a career in the field of writing and mass communications.

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