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April 22, 2014

Cathryn Hartford: Rue La La, Boston
Interning with Rue La La, Boston.

Interning with Rue La La, Boston.


Name: Cathryn Hartford

Hometown/State: Seekonk, MA

Major: Marketing

Minor: Psychology

Internship Sponsor: Rue La La, Boston


As the Human Resources intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Creating unique templates for each department’s open job descriptions on the Rue La La Careers website page
  • Attending Rue U courses and following up by entering in participant tracking information and feedback forms/summaries
  • Writing course descriptions for Rue U courses
  • Assembling the Rue U course catalog



Rue La La is an exclusive, invitation-only online shopping destination where members experience leading brands through private sale prices for a brief amount of time. Located in Boston, this e-commerce marketing business is booming and has been recently nominated for the 2014 Best UX for its App.


I have had four specific projects for the Recruiting and Learning & Development Departments. I found that one of my projects was just too large of a project for one intern. I talked with my supervisor and she was happy that I was able to speak up and provide feedback that might have been uncomfortable for most interns. We were then able to revise that project so that I would be able to complete the project! All of my projects are finishing up, which makes me feel confident that I worked diligently and accomplished my goals.


My business classes have been extremely helpful because my projects are mostly writing based and rely on my communication skills to be developed and professional. Specifically, my writing skills needed to be on-point for the job description project because my work is featured on the careers page of the Rue La La website.

April 14, 2014

Ivy Boulay: Expose Yourself Public Relations
Interning with Expose Yourself Public Relations.

Interning with Expose Yourself Public Relations.


Name: Ivy Boulay

Hometown: Leominster, MA

Major: Marketing and English Mass Communications

Internship Sponsor: Expose Yourself Public Relations


As an assistant communications intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Attending meetings with clients to discuss potential marketing plans
  • Writing press releases and blogs for clients
  • Working with a publicist and social media director as a team to complete tasks and come up with new ideas
  • Updating clients’ social media accounts on a daily basis
  • Keeping clients updated and recording account activity
  • Proof reading and editing material
  • Researching content for clients

Blog Entry:

Expose Yourself Public Relations is an up and coming public relations boutique in Shrewsbury, MA, that specializes in media relations, brand identity, online marketing, content creation, events, and crisis communications. They serve clients from rock stars to realtors, and they help businesses define who they are, who they want to be, and who they want to target .Expose Yourself establishes their clients as the best in their field, and is passionate about making their clients successful.


As an intern, I started out doing basic tasks so that I would learn the processes and technology and get a feel for what Expose Yourself does in general. I was learning a lot, but I wanted more responsibility. I worked up some courage and expressed to my co-workers that I was interested in writing. One day I walked in and was asked by the publicist to research and write a blog for one of our clients. I was extremely nervous, and re-read my blog over and over. I turned my work in, and to my surprise, my coworkers loved what I had written. Now I am a ghostwriter – and confidently write many blogs and press releases for our clients.


My classes in English and Marketing have helped me to be successful at my internship; I constantly find myself referring back to material I learned. Specifically, my writing classes have helped me when I write content for clients to look at the big picture and express what our clients want to say in an effective manner. My marketing classes have taught me to understand clients’ needs and how to reach their target audiences.


Jack Palermo: W.B. Mason
Interning with W.B. Mason.

Interning with W.B. Mason.


Name: Jack Palermo

Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA

Major: Management

Minor: Psychology

Internship Sponsor: W.B. Mason


As a sales and customer service intern, my duties include:

  • Sales/marketing presentations to clients
  • Contract maintenance
  • Participation in bid support
  • Product research
  • Order entry

Blog entry:

W.B. Mason is the largest, privately held office products dealer in the United States. Founded in 1898, the company has enjoyed over 100 years of success and prides itself on its outstanding customer service and competitive pricing.


As an intern, I utilize my communication and technological skills to aid customer service and sales representatives. When working in the customer service department I have the opportunity to listen in and participate in actual phone calls with customers, as well as create and modify customers’ online accounts. When I am not in customer service, I am usually out on ride-alongs with a sales representative. On these ride-alongs I experience the day-to-day agenda of a sales representative as we call on new businesses and touch base with existing clients. Through these encounters with clients, I experience the customer-centered culture that is such a cornerstone of W.B. Mason operations. This culture is evident as I witness how the sales representatives intently listen to clients and strive to accommodate their every need.


Through my internship I have been exposed to a growing and successful company, and have experienced all of the functional aspects of this business. Most importantly, I have gained insight and connections to the Central MA business network.

Lauren Zaremba: The Worcester Sharks (AHL)
Interning with the Worcester Sharks (AHL).

Interning with the Worcester Sharks (AHL).


Name: Lauren Zaremba

Hometown: Wilmington, MA

Major: Marketing

Internship Sponsor: The Worcester Sharks (AHL)


As a Marketing and Operations Intern, my primary responsibilities are to:

  • Direct the Kid’s Club by selling memberships and promoting a positive fan experience
  • Assist in the research and development of sales campaigns
  • Assist with the execution of concourse activities during games
  • Help with pre-and post-game set up


Blog Entry:

The Worcester Sharks is an American Hockey League team devoted to providing the highest quality sports and entertainment experience for their fans in Central Massachusetts. From the players to the office staff, everyone at the Sharks is committed to customer service, and dedicated to excellence and community involvement.


My primary responsibility is to manage the Kid’s Club during game days. I sell Kid’s Club memberships, hand out birthday party packages, monitor the prize wheel, and support various promotions. Overall, my duty is to create a positive fan experience and promote our brand to our children and young families. Since the Kid’s Club table is at the front of the concourse, I also act as a service center for fans.


Working at the Sharks has taught me about what goes into running a professional sports team. From sales- to marketing- to account executives- to corporate finance- each member of the Sharks works together as a team to ensure that all game days run smoothly. Classes such as Intro to Marketing and Marketing Management have prepared me for working in this team-based approach.

April 8, 2014

Alie Carlson: Assumption College, Athletic Department
Interning with the Assumption College, Athletic Department.

Interning with the Assumption College, Athletic Department.


Name: Alie Carlson

Hometown: Hebron, CT

Major: Organizational Communication

Internship Sponsor: Assumption College, Athletic Department


Primary Responsibilities:


As a marketing intern, my primary responsibilities are to:

  •  Develop and implement new marketing and promotional strategies for the college’s athletic department
  • Create marketing event evaluation forms, posters and postings on social media
  • Assist in carrying out in-game marketing promotions and contests for students, such as Chuck- A- Puck, Baseball Bingo and Sponsor a Player Day
  • Develop and execute a new Instagram campaign called #PosingwithPierre


Blog Entry:


Interning in the Athletic Department has been a good experience because it allows me to put into practice concepts that I have learned in my communication and business classes. I regularly use my communication skills, both written and verbal, to complete tasks. I draw on my marketing classes to develop creative ways to increase fan involvement and attendance at athletic events.


The major challenge that my team members and I have faced this semester is generating interest from the student body. As I have learned in my marketing classes, students are more inclined to attend athletic games if the events are personally relevant to them. Meaning, if they play a sport or have a friend who plays, then they are more likely to attend a game. The difficulty is creating and communicating that personal relevance for the students who have little interest in athletic events.


Our discovery is that students respond to cash prizes and free giveaways. However, these are limited because of our marketing budget. I continue to work to develop new incentives for students and to create a connection between them and athletic events to increase fan attendance and support. For example, the #PosingwithPierre campaign encourages students to take a picture with the school’s mascot for a chance to win $25. This promotion creates excitement and awareness for upcoming athletic events.


As a four-year member of the varsity volleyball team at Assumption, my internship has helped me to discover a potential career path that successfully blends my studies and interests.

Cameron Garrant: Salespod, Inc.
Interning with Salespod, Inc.

Interning with Salespod, Inc.


Name: Cameron Garrant

Hometown, State: Wilmington, MA

Major: Marketing

Minor: Management

Internship Sponsor: Salespod, Inc.


As a market research analyst intern, my primary responsibilities include:

  • Researching areas where our customers feel they need the most business help, and building a content base around that information.
  • Writing blog posts and informational articles which build the content base of our website and attract potential users.
  • Finding and researching experts in each of my respective research areas for potential interview.
  • Creating a base of social media content which allows a consistent online presence.



Salespod, Inc. is a tech start-up, originally based out of Croatia, which offers businesses the software they need to manage their representatives in the field and make informed business decisions. The software offered by Salespod works on two fronts. Managers use the desktop software to monitor their representatives, look at their product data analytically, and develop forms specific to their business. The representatives working in the field use the mobile application to track customer orders and product information, and report back to their managers in real-time.


As a market research analyst, I have found that a great deal of what I’m learning in the classroom has real application in the workplace, and vice-versa. For example, the use of key product metrics to measure the success of an organization has been a subject of focus in both my research and a number of my business courses. Using my experience as marketing major, I am able to contribute strong written and verbal communication skills, my ability to multitask, and perhaps most importantly, my insights into ideas from a variety of perspectives.


My experience with Salespod has given me insight into the management of a start-up, and how to use a variety of effective marketing techniques as a small business. The environment in which I work is small enough that I can learn about the inner-workings of many functions of the business. At the same time, the growth of Salespod is such that I have the opportunity to watch structural and product changes take place as the company organically grows. I am confident that my contribution to the company will yield results. The opportunity to work in this role, which I would like to pursue as a career, has given me invaluable knowledge and experience that I will be able to utilize going forward.

Jackie Ellingson: Assumption College, Enrollment Management
Interning with the Assumption College Office of Enrollment Management.

Interning with the Assumption College Office of Enrollment Management.


Name: Jackie Ellingson

Hometown: Middletown, CT

Major: Marketing

Internship Sponsor: Assumption College, Enrollment Management


As a Marketing Intern, my primary responsibilities are to:

  • Check analytics of webpage and email using Google Analytics and eduConverse
  • Develop marketing materials
  • Assist with photo/image selection and organization
  • Evaluate social media campaigns (Twitter and Instagram)
  • Organize spreadsheets based on analytics
  • Evaluate and make recommendations for Admissions website



Assumption College’s Enrollment Management Department is responsible for both Admissions and Financial Aid. I work in Admissions on marketing strategy and brand awareness. Admissions is responsible for increasing the enrollment by targeting students, and showing them that AC is their best choice for a college education. Our theme is: Assumption College “lights the way” for their future.


I have the opportunity to intern for the new Marketing Director of Enrollment Management. I utilize my marketing, communication and technical skills, which I developed from my marketing, advertising and computer science courses. This role consistently strengthens my skills and helps me to acquire new skills such as: time management, organizational skills, prioritizing and the importance of detail and consistency.


I work a lot with analytics using Google Analytics and eduConverse. I check analytics for emails, social media and the Admissions website. I develop spreadsheets to compare and contrast our progress within the analytics of our online marketing outlet. I am grateful to be interning in this position because it gives me experience in the type of analytical marketing I would like to pursue in my career.

April 1, 2014

Colleen Murphy: American Diabetes Association
Interning with the American Diabetes Association.

Interning with the American Diabetes Association.


Name: Colleen Murphy

Hometown: Uxbridge, MA

Major: Organizational Communication

Minors: Marketing and Writing

Internship Sponsor: American Diabetes Association


As a special events Intern responsible for the Father of the Year Awards, my duties include:

  • Developing media lists, maintaining press clip files, writing news releases, pitching feature stories, and writing articles for newsletters
  • Finding and soliciting auction items for the silent auction
  • Organizing day-of-event logistics with the Event Manager
  • Creating event collateral with the Event Manager
  • Assisting with special projects and administrative duties as assigned


Blog Entry:

The American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. They fund research to prevent, cure and manage diabetes, as well as deliver services and information to hundreds of communities. The ADA’s annual Father of the Year (FOTY) Awards honors several great fathers who balance a dedicated work life along with being an active father and member of the community. This year’s event is set to raise over $238,000 to help the ADA succeed at their mission.


I have had the opportunity to apply some of the concepts I have learned with my Organizational Communication major and marketing and writing minors while helping to plan the FOTY Awards. Soliciting silent auction items for FOTY requires careful and persuasive written and verbal communication skills in informing perspective donors that our event not only provides crucial benefits to society, but also will help to promote their company’s corporate social responsibility through auction signage.


I now realize how much goes into planning such a large event. While I only play a small role in the process, I can see that each step is crucial to a polished, successful final event. I am learning to be flexible and do whatever is asked of me – from printing, labeling, and stuffing 460 save-the-date envelopes to convincing the general manager of a large hotel to donate a two-night stay and restaurant certificate to our silent auction. Planning FOTY with the ADA has given me insight into what working for a non-profit organization is like and has given me much to think about in considering my career options.


March 21, 2014

Alexandra Rahal: Crossfit Worcester
Interning with Crossfit Worcester.

Interning with Crossfit Worcester.


Name: Alexandra Rahal

Hometown: Queensbury, NY

Major: Organizational Communication

Internship Sponsor: Crossfit Worcester


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Utilizing the organization’s membership tracking and billing system, Zen Planner
  • Processing membership applications, reconciling billing records and generating sales and revenue reports for management each month
  • Working with third party vendors
  • Developing an employee/trainer schedule based on forecasted and anticipated class sizes and employee availability
  • Leading scheduled Crossfit classes
  • Working directly with other trainers and the gym’s athletes in both a consultative and customer-service manner
  • Processing accounts payable and reconciling monthly income, expenses and bank accounts



Crossfit Worcester is a privately-run company; we are not a franchise and all Crossfit gyms are individually owned and operated. At Crossfit Worcester we make sure that passion, quality training and programming are brought to the table to meet all of our consumers’ expectations.


As an intern, I am proud to talk about CFW with everyone and magnify all my awesome tasks and opportunities! For example, one of the coolest things I have done is assisting in planning a CFW sponsored event – Extreme Field Day for Kids. My main responsibilities included communicating with the CEO Theresa Hickey about the obstacle course and event. I was responsible for organizing the CFW station, bringing all gear/equipment to the site and setting up in a logical course for children of all ages. In addition, to help market the event, I reached out to the student body at Assumption about the event through email blasts and word-of-mouth. The event was a great success with over 700 kids participating throughout the day. This had to be one of my greatest experiences and assured me about my passion for the fitness industry and desire to help people become the best they can.


Another awesome project I’m working on deals with a third party vendor – Wodify. We use a central computer system called Zen Planner. Even though Zen Planner is a great system for organizing all facets of the business, our competition and news within the Crossfit world has us thinking otherwise. My job is to research Wodify and present a SWOT analysis of how it will impact CFW as a whole on a macro and micro level. This project is still in process, but I have already had meetings on the phone with a Wodify product specialist and a meeting on the web for an online demo of the product/ service.


I knew CFW was the perfect choice for me because of my passion for the fitness industry and love for Crossfit – the sport of fitness. Interning at CFW opened my eyes to how much hard work and dedication it really takes to run a business. However, at the same time, I truly see how working hard can also mean playing even harder. In other words, the work-hard play-hard philosophy is seen at its finest at CFW through the trainers, athletes and owners themselves.

Kristin Flatekval: Alzheimer’s Association
Interning with Alzheimer's Association.

Interning with Alzheimer’s Association.


Name: Kristin Flatekval

Hometown, State: Mahwah, NJ

Major: Organizational Communication

Minor: Marketing

Internship Sponsor: Alzheimer’s Association


As a marketing communications intern, my primary responsibilities include:

  • Planning and organizing two kick-off events to raise awareness for The Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Establishing relationships with families affected by Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Recruiting new constituents and engaging these constituents and past walkers in the kick-off events
  • Reaching out to businesses in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire area for prizes and sponsorships for the Ride to End Alzheimer’s Disease



The Alzheimer’s Association is a non-profit organization that envisions a world without Alzheimer’s by providing the best care for all affected by the disease. The organization is devoted to the advancement of research, the promotion of brain health, and the delivery of supportive services.


I have had the opportunity to use my communication and marketing skills to effectively reach participants for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. I have implemented many of my marketing skills from my Marketing on the Internet class by updating social media for the organization. I have learned the importance of detail, consistency, working at a fast pace, and being a quick-change artist. Being flexible on the job is essential for all organizations. My managers make it clear that organizational skills and consistency are key.


Interning for a non-profit organization has given me an appreciation and understanding of a career in this field. A lot of dedication goes into working for a non-profit organization. Reaching out to families’ and loved ones affected by Alzheimer’s and promoting fundraising events have made me feel I am adding value to this organization.

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