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March 31, 2015

Jonathan Souza: Assumption College, Office of Communications

Interning with the Assumption College Office of Communications


Name: Jonathan Souza

Hometown: Taunton, MA

Major: Organizational Communication

Minor: Theater Arts

Sponsor: Assumption College, Office of Communications


As an Office of Communications Intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Assisting the communication team with writing news stories published on Assumption College’s website.
  • Writing press releases on events that are happening on campus, or about students.
  • Creating the content for the playbill for the spring musical, Fiddler on the Roof, and editing the actors’ biographies.
  • Implementing a marketing strategy for the spring musical, including social media and a promotional video.

Blog Entry:

The Office of Communications is responsible for shaping the perception of the Assumption College community. This includes informing the press of what is happening at the College; interviewing personal; and publishing news stories on Assumption’s website, social media, and print.


During my internship with the Office of Communications I have been able to grow as a communicator, through writing and speaking as well as through collaborating with other interns to work on integrated marketing projects.


I was assigned several long-term projects as well as smaller written stories. One long-term goal was to create the playbill for the College’s spring musical, Fiddler on the Roof. This project was of incredible importance to the College, and it was crucial that I collect all the content as well as consult with the show’s producers to accomplish it on a strict deadline.


I was also able to write many news stories that were published on the website and social media, informing the public on what is happening on Assumption’s campus. I also created press releases that serviced as the original source of future events happening on campus.


Prior to my internship, I had always been interested in theater as well as marketing and public relations. To be able to combine all of my areas of interest was a really enjoyable experience.  In the past I have always worried about my communication skills. This experience led to my newfound confidence in what I have to offer in the future as well as a redefined image in what I want to accomplish after graduation.


Realizing that I want to continue to do something that combines my interests was the most rewarding process of this internship. My accomplished projects from being an intern in Assumption’s Office of Communications will show my future employees what I have a lot to offer their business.

Sarah Kupec: Assumption College Institutional Advancement: Alumni Relations




Name: Sarah Kupec

Hometown: Wyckoff, NJ

Major: Organizational Communication

Sponsor: Assumption College Institutional Advancement: Alumni Relations





As an Alumni Relations Intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Conducting research and analytical projects on Alumni’s social media and online networking sites in order to reach more Alumni, friends of the college, and parents.
  • Sitting in on meetings and contributing to meetings to gain a deeper understanding of how Institutional Advancement works.
  • Taking a proactive role in planning programs and events, most notably Alumni Weekend.
  • Researching different channels of donations to the college such as Amazon Smile or iGive.

Blog Entry:

The Institutional Advancement Office is composed of Advancement Officers, Advancement Services, Alumni Relations, the Annual Fund and Research. These departments work together to build relationships with Alumni, parents, members of the community and to seek donations for the college.


I have learned how much of a collaborative environment Institutional Advancement is from attending board meetings, Alumni Relations meetings, as well as individual meetings with members of each department. For Alumni Relations, communication is key internally as well as externally. Alumni Relations teams up with many other departments on campus, such as Career Services. With Career Service’s help, I am working to improve our LinkedIn page for Alumni. It is always exciting in this department, as there are many events to be planned. For one of our biggest events Alumni Weekend, I was involved in formatting the literature and I am responsible for creating collages which will serve as a main focal point for the event. One of my biggest projects has been our social media. For our Facebook page, I post old yearbook pictures and track them. Several of the photos have been viewed by 1,000s of people. I have loved being a part of the Institutional Advancement team, and I now see how vital Alumni Relations is to the college’s success.

December 9, 2014

William Contento: Worcester Center for Crafts
Interning at the Worcester Center for Crafts

Interning at the Worcester Center for Crafts


Name: William Contento

Hometown: Marshfield, MA

Major: Organizational Communication

Internship: Worcester Center for Crafts


As a marketing and operations intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with the management of the class program website and the online registration database
  • Editing the brochure copy for the fall and winter sessions
  • Creating faculty profiles and biographies for the web page
  • Helping set up/prepare for the Holiday Festival of Crafts


Blog Entry:

The Worcester Center for Crafts is a non-profit, independent, community-based arts organization. The organization is committed to providing a quality education in arts to all ages. The center offers a variety of courses in metals, clay, glass, and photography. Also, students have the option of enrolling in a class based on their skill level, with classes ranging from beginner, intermediate, and intermediate-advanced.


As an intern at center, I was expected to come in immediately and make some major contributions to the organization – and this is exactly what happened!  I had the responsibility of updating the brochure copy that would be sent out to potential or current students. I also spent a lot of time exchanging phone calls and emails with faculty in order to write faculty bios with pictures of their work that would be added to the web page.


Coming into my internship, I was a little concerned with how I would perform working for a craft center, particularly because art has never really been an interest or strength of mine. As it turned out, I truly did enjoy learning about the world of crafts and working with a small staff. My supervisor and the other employees were extremely approachable, and there was never a point where I felt overwhelmed with the work I was assigned.


Although it was a great experience, my internship showed me that sitting at a desk most of the day is not for me. I am seeking a career where I am constantly on the move (maybe traveling) and engaging with people and creating relationships.

Stephen Biagioni: Worcester Center for Crafts
Interning at the Worcester Center for Crafts

Interning at the Worcester Center for Crafts


Name: Stephen Biagioni

Hometown: Medford, MA

Major: Management

Minor: Marketing

Internship Sponsor: Worcester Center for Crafts


As a Marketing and Operations Intern, my primary responsibilities include:


  • Editing and writing course descriptions for specific classes to promote the identity of the Center
  • Creating and uploading faculty biographies and course descriptions to the website
  • Proofreading and approving information for seasonal brochures
  • Updating the current online registration system
  • Preparing for company events and student classes


Blog Entry:


The Worcester Center for Crafts is a non-profit, independent, community-based arts organization committed to: providing quality craft education, supporting entrepreneurship in the arts, and promoting an appreciation for fine craft. Consumers and students can count on an interesting and enjoyable environment with each visit and in every class.  Supporting crafts and keeping the arts a part of the community are the Center’s strategic goals.


I’ve had several tasks to complete each week and an important tool I’ve learned is the ability to organize my time wisely. Being able to add value and have a respected opinion at the Center are the most rewarding aspects of my internship.  A major task I had to complete was obtaining information for faculty biographies and course descriptions, and then uploading them onto the website.


I learned a new information database software called Student Manager. Student Manager allowed me to update the company website and insert codes for revising classes. Viewing my work being displayed on the website to attract a broader range of people definitely boosted my interest in marketing.  It was extremely fulfilling to have this amount of responsibility within the Center.


My internship has given me experience in a smaller size organization, and I have come to the realization that I would rather to work in a medium-larger size company. I’ve really enjoyed the friendly and encouraging interaction among the employees. This type of culture taught me the significance of a team-oriented environment and that I work well in collaborative/team efforts.

December 1, 2014

Morgan Furgal: Assumption College Department of Athletics and Recreation
Interning with Assumption College's Department of Athletics and Recreation.

Interning with Assumption College’s Department of Athletics and Recreation.


Name: Morgan Furgal

Hometown: Oxford, MA

Major: Organizational Communication

Minor: Writing

Sponsor: Assumption College, Department of Athletics and Recreation


As an Athletics Communications Intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with game management,  including social media, music and video feed
    • Compiling and providing team and player statistics
    • Utilizing current technology to assist in updating the athletics website for up-to-date scores, schedules, rosters, and historical materials
    • Writing player and coach bios, statistics and history
    • Assisting in coordinating media-related responsibilities

Blog Entry:

The Athletic Communications Office provides assistance to Athletics and all of its teams and coaches. This includes: maintaining the website, handling press releases, managing all home games, implementing the “Hounds Rewound” weekly video, managing social media and serving as the liaison between Athletics and Coaches.


During my Internship I have enhanced my skills in writing, sports software, social media, marketing, public relations, game management and teamwork!


We often partner with the Marketing Department to promote games and foster an environment that encourages students to get involved on campus.  I was involved in the newly revamped “Midnight Madness”.  I was responsible for the social media. Because Twitter is a popular form of communication with college students, I thought it was a great way to get them involved.  Students were asked to tweet pictures of “Midnight Madness” using the hashtag “ACMM14” for a chance to win a gift certificate for best picture. Many students got involved tweeting pictures and comments.  It was the best “Midnight Madness” I have attended!


A significant change this year was the transformation of the Athletics Website. I contributed to this effort by learning the Presto Sports Software and utilizing it to maintain the new website.


I have always loved sports and writing.  This internship provided me the opportunity to explore a career path in sports and writing, as well as put into practice the skills and concepts I have learned through my journalism classes. It helped me realize I can blend my love for sports and writing with a career in Athletic Communications.

Taylor King: New England Baseball Enterprises (NEBE)/ New England Baseball Complex (NEBC)
Taylor (middle) is interning with New England Baseball Enterprises (NEBE)/ New England Baseball Complex (NEBC).

Taylor (middle) is interning with New England Baseball Enterprises (NEBE)/ New England Baseball Complex (NEBC).


Name: Taylor King

Hometown: Arlington, MA

Major: Management

Minor: Sports Management

Internship: New England Baseball Enterprises (NEBE)/ New England Baseball Complex (NEBC)


As a consulting intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Creating and executing a marketing plan for the New England Baseball Complex (NEBC)
  • Creating a Facebook profile for the NEBC
  • Creating a promotional Youtube video for the NEBC
  • Contacting sponsors for signage partnerships
  • Contacting coaches  and athletic directors to notify them of our open slots for the 2015 season
  • Serving as Field Supervisor during tournaments and controlling the scoreboard


Blog Entry:

The NEBC is a new, premiere facility for baseball tournaments and World Series located in Northborough, MA.  It houses three state-of-the-art, full-sized, turf fields with capabilities for multiple Little League games and regulation size space for football games.  NEBE is a small, start-up company that is the only one of its kind in the greater New England area.


As one of the first intern teams to work for NEBE, our opinions are taken very seriously and often.  We have the privilege of working directly with the CFO and the COO on a daily basis.  Working with multiple leaders and managers allows us to understand how each aspect of this business operates.  We learn and perform a wide variety of responsibilities – from creating an entire marketing plan for the NEBC to working on game days.


I have always known that I want to pursue a career in the sports industry, but I was never confident about what particular aspect of the sports industry most interests me.   NEBE has allowed me to experience many opportunities and meet a vast array of professionals while applying the marketing and business concepts and techniques I have learned in my Assumption business classes.  My internship has helped me to realize that someday I would like to become either an Athletic Director or a General Manager of a professional team.


Realizing what I want to do in my professional life is the most eye-opening experience and benefit of my internship.  I will now begin to direct all of my efforts towards creating the best path that will help me achieve my professional goals.  My piece of advice to students trying to figure out their career paths is to intern and experience as many aspects of their specific industry.  This worked for me!


November 24, 2014

Meghan Sweeney: Human Resources Department, UMass Medical School

Interning in the UMass Medical School Human Resources Department.


Name: Meghan Sweeney

Hometown: Litchfield, NH

Major: Management

Minor: Psychology

Internship Sponsor: Human Resources Department, UMass Medical School


As an Employee Assistance Program Intern, my primary responsibilities include:


  • Gaining an understanding of the interfaces between the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and an organization’s administration and employee
  • Preparing for and representing the EAP at the Health and Benefits Fair
  • Creating marketing materials to inform administration and employees of the EAP services and events
  • Updating client information into Medcomp, a case management system for EAPs and other areas within Human Resources
  • Participating in the Mature Workforce Committee



Blog Entry:


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at UMass Medical School is a free and confidential, workplace-based program providing consultation, assessment, intervention, information and referral for employees and their household members. The EAP offers personal assistance to address individual, family, and work-related issues and concerns. The program also provides consultation and training to assist managers and Human Resource staff in minimizing the impact of stress in the workplace and resolving mental health and productivity problems.


I have various responsibilities, some of which are performed through the duration of my internship, while others are short-term and project-based. My duties have allowed me to understand how issues such as workplace stress, depression, or addiction can negatively impact employees’ productivity in their organizations. Through my daily interactions with the counselors who provide assistance, I have learned about these issues, how they affect employees, and how to assist in alleviating them.


Prior to my internship, I had an interest in a career in Human Resources. I enjoy helping others and my management and psychology classes sparked my interest in assisting employees in the business world. I was confident in this regard and my involvement in the Employee Assistance Program has increased this confidence. I now understand the great importance that employees have to the success of an organization. A career in an Employee Assistance Program is not exactly what I aspire to, but my internship has helped me to determine my goal of a career in Organizational Development.

Heidi Bogdanovich: Assumption College Admissions Office
Interning with the Assumption College Admissions Office

Interning with the Assumption College Admissions Office


Name: Heidi Bogdanovich

Hometown: Scarborough, ME

Major: Organizational Communication

Minor: Spanish

Internship Sponsor: Assumption College Admissions Office


As the Admissions Intern, my responsibilities include:

  • Analyzing and providing suggestions to improve current guidebook for out- of-region students to address a wide range of information about travel for international students.
  • Preparing and reading college applications and providing personal assessment on candidates.
  • Volunteering and participating at fall visit programs, college visits, and presentations.



Blog Entry:

Assumption College’s undergraduate Admissions Office is comprised of a small group of professionals who work exceptionally hard to attract a wide range of high school students across the globe by creating awareness of Assumption College’s mission and opportunities. Their constant communication and interaction with prospective students is what drives their success.


As an intern, my initial responsibilities included: mailings for consistent communication with international students, analysis of excel spreadsheets, and follow-up letters to high schools. As time progressed, my responsibilities heightened and my voice within the office became more valuable. I used my marketing and communication skills to develop an international strategic marketing plan and also had the opportunity to directly communicate with prospective students at several college fairs and high school visits.


This internship has given me a substantial amount of professional experience. It has allowed me to contribute my ideas and show that my position as an intern adds value to the admission function. Likewise, I have valued their professional encouragement and feedback about my work.

November 18, 2014

Linda Truong: Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)
Interning with Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)

Interning with Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)


Name: Linda Truong

Hometown: North Oxford, MA

Major: Marketing

Minor: Spanish

Internship sponsor: Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)


As the Marketing and Events Intern my responsibilities include:

  • Marketing and promoting WBJ events by using social media platforms, email blasts, and mail invitations
  • Preparing and finalizing all “looks” for events
  • Creating event registration lists through Microsoft Excel
  • Documenting attendees, honorees, and sponsor listings with personal information
  • Using software programs, such as Saxotech and Magazine Manager to document company information
  • Creating invoices and receipts for customers through company files


Blog Entry:

The Worcester Business Journal (WBJ) is the region’s definitive source for business news. The company’s objective is to engage and promote enticing business news and events for businesses in the Central Massachusetts community.  As the Events and Marketing Intern, I am responsible for a range of duties such as promoting an event through email blasts and mail invitations to finishing up final touches for an event an hour before showtime!


This internship has helped me develop strong technical, communication and writing skills. I am able to tackle various types of software programs such as Survey Monkey, Magazine Manager, EventBrite, and Saxotech.


The most gratifying part of this internship is to witness weeks of preparation unfold and watch the execution of an event from start to finish. My most memorable event was the 40 under Forty Awards when I was given the opportunity to assist in writing 40 introductory speeches to introduce honorees as they walked down a red carpet. This event, in particular, exemplified that expanding your professional network is crucial in the event planning industry; this helped the event achieve a record high of attendees this year. Maintaining strong relationships with clients and businesses is essential to the success of an event.


Through this internship experience, I have gained an appreciation for my work ethic and the opportunities presented to me. The Worcester Business Journal provided me hands-on experience in the competitive marketing and events field. I am now able commit to the profession - as an event planner – for my career path!

Sara Carangelo: Polar Beverages
Interning with Polar Beverages

Interning with Polar Beverages


Name: Sara Carangelo

Hometown: Millbury, MA

Major: Marketing

Internship Sponsor: Polar Beverages


As a Marketing Intern, my responsibilities



  • Planning, organizing, and executing large events to maximize Polar’s exposure
  • Implementing branding strategies
  • Contributing to social media outlets of Polar Beverages
  • Evaluating and documenting on-going marketing events
  • Maintaining the company’s petty cash fund for part-time staff
  • Assisting in seeding opportunities
  • Running the donation program and process


Blog Entry:

Polar Beverages is the nation’s largest independent beverage company, as well as a family-owned business; it has been run by the Crowley’s since 1882.  Its goals are to provide consumers with high quality beverages that are both unique and health conscious, such as their 17 core flavors of seltzers and limited edition seasonal seltzers.


As the marketing intern of Polar Beverages, my main responsibilities are to help plan and organize large events to maximize exposure for Polar Beverages as a brand. I also market to social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. After events take place, I am responsible for evaluating and documenting the results of each event and showing how it has profited the company. I maintain excel sheets for Polar’s petty cash fund, as well for other projects, that require documentation. In addition to these responsibilities, I assist in seeding opportunities and look into new opportunities where our brand can be positively recognized. Polar makes many donations, for example to the American Cancer Society, and I am responsible for deciding where to donate to and for the follow-up with the donation process.


My internship has made me realize that I would really enjoy a career in the marketing. Throughout my internship, I have learned how to be flexible and adapt to a changing work environment, as well as manage many projects at once. Working on several projects at once is what I enjoy most – there is never a dull moment!  I have learned a lot about myself as a future member of a professional marketing team.

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