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February 18, 2013

Maciej Korycki:
Interning at

Interning at


Name: Maciej Korycki
Hometown, State: Shrewsbury, MA
Major: Marketing
Internship Sponsor:


Primary Responsibilities
As a digital marketing intern at, my primary responsibilities include: working on a variety of social media and online advertising projects, conducting market research, generating advertiser leads and assisting in the creation of media sales presentations and client meetings.


Blog Entry

In less than one year, has become the second largest news and information site in central Massachusetts. This fast growing digital media website provides news and high quality content on a variety of topics, ranging from Sports &Politics to Real Estate & Business. It is a part of GoLocal24- a digital media business which also operates another very successful web entity-, based in Rhode Island.


Interning at this company has provided me with invaluable professional experience; I have the opportunity to work with the company’s media sales director, social media coordinator and online marketing manager, and learn a lot about their work and responsibilities.


This internship has also given me the opportunity to apply knowledge from my Marketing on the Internet and Business to Business Marketing courses. Classroom learning about online advertising concepts, e-marketing, social media marketing and business-to-business sales has allowed me to quickly understand my work and be productive.


Overall, my internship is proving to be a great experience- I am working with a group of skilled & knowledgeable professionals, and greatly expanding my knowledge of online marketing- a field I plan to pursue upon graduation.

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