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April 10, 2012

Alba Kocibelli: JCSI Corporate Staffing
Interning at JCSI Corporate Staffing

Interning at JCSI Corporate Staffing


Name: Alba Kocibelli
Hometown: Worcester, MA

Major: Management
Internship Sponsor: JCSI Corporate Staffing
Primary Responsibilities:

As a candidate development specialist intern at JCSI, I apply the knowledge that I have gained in business classes to a corporate setting. I am considered part of the recruiting subdivision within the company, where I work with a team to help fill an array of positions for many companies. My responsibilities include: interviewing prospective candidates, reviewing resumes and providing feedback directly to my project managers.
Blog Entry:
JCSI Corporate Staffing is primary focused on successfully providing their clients with capable and fit candidates to meet specific hiring requirements. The company uses social media networking databases to help build a qualified candidate pool for all their clients’ immediate and future needs. As a member of the JCSI community, I see this take place on a daily basis.


I am a member of a team of 4-5 recruiters who strive to fill positions in a diverse range of business sectors, from IT, engineering, and health fields all the way to mining and construction environments. Since tasks and assignments vary, I’ve learned how to become a quick-change artist. Communicating directly with prospective candidates has taught me and improved my skills on how to successfully communicate with individuals on a professional level. Also I’ve learned how to quickly and effectively answer candidates’ questions.


Through my experience, I have discovered that I enjoy working as part of a group because it allows me quick access to my teammates, as well as my project manager who can directly answer and assist me with any questions or issues.


My internship at JCSI has helped me to develop as a professional, which is an asset in my career search.

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