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April 10, 2012

Steven Scott: Rehabilitative Resources Incorporated (RRI)
Interning at Rehabilitative Resources Incorporated (RRI)

Interning at Rehabilitative Resources Incorporated (RRI)


Name: Steven Scott
Hometown: Dayton, ME
Major: Management
Internship Sponsor: Rehabilitative Resources Incorporated (RRI)


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Post events on Chamber of Commerce websites
  • Design a template in Constant Contact to be used monthly for informational emails
  • Create a new brochure for Elm Hill Center to be used for promotional purposes
  • Create fundraising flyers and materials
  • Read daily newspapers for mentions of RRI

Blog Entry:
Rehabilitative Resources Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation specializing in adult foster care and autism support. I was fortunate enough to be accepted as an intern in the marketing department of RRI. Before my internship began, I had very little real world experience as a marketing professional; I knew working in a professional atmosphere would provide me with the experience needed to jumpstart my career after graduation.


I work directly for the Marketing Director, who is my supervisor and mentor. The marketing department for a not-for-profit corporation is very different from for-profit firms because the budget is typically much smaller. Because of this, I have gained a vast amount of knowledge on how to advertise on a small budget. I have gradually been given more responsibility, and most recently have been designing new fliers and brochures to be mailed to potential clients and donors.


RRI has a unique organizational structure; it has individual business functions, but for fundraising projects personnel from each function work as a team. I assisted on the March Wine Tasting committee which was a great experience.


RRI is a “work hard, play hard” culture. I am given various tasks to complete throughout the day, but my supervisor keeps the office attitude light and enjoyable. I am very happy to be a part of the marketing department at Rehabilitative Resources Incorporated.

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