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April 3, 2012

Andrew Trottier: MAPFRE Commerce Insurance
Interning at MAPFRE Commerce Insurance

Interning at MAPFRE Commerce Insurance


Name: Andrew Trottier
Hometown: Webster, MA
Major: International Business
Internship Sponsor: MAPFRE Commerce Insurance


Primary Responsibilities:
As a finance intern at Commerce Insurance, my primary responsibilities are handling unclaimed property information throughout the treasury accounts.  This includes work such as: check clearing, data entry, account reconciliations, organizing and filing account summaries and updating policy information through the company’s portal.


Blog Entry:
As a junior, interning in the Treasury Department at Commerce Insurance has given me a new perspective towards corporate structure and culture, and my fit within the corporation.  Not having worked in a process culture before, I had not considered the importance of a company’s culture in deciding a company of best fit for myself.  The low risk, slow feedback culture of Commerce Insurance has provided me with a better understanding of my own cultural preferences in job description and security.


At Commerce Insurance there is a strong matrix structure within the headquarters; there are many teams within teams in each department.  In the Finance Department, my internship is located in a unique area of the Treasury Department.  In order for the department to ensure that accounts balance, the outstanding checks must be accounted for.  Due to the significant amount of unclaimed checks, I am primarily assigned the task of transferring the address and policy information of the account holders into Excel spreadsheets which hold the check amounts.


Not only has my internship taught me the very detailed process which goes into the operations of a large corporation, but it has also opened the doors to a behind-the-scene job.  This internship provided me with career path options which I intend to pursue.

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