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March 19, 2012

Shamyre Johnson: Emmanuel Communications (Emmanuel Radio)
Interning at Emmanuel Communications (Emmanuel Radio)
Interning at Emmanuel Communications (Emmanuel Radio)

Name: Shamyre Johnson
Hometown: Boston, MA
Major: Organizational Communication
Internship Sponsor: Emmanuel Communications (Emmanuel Radio)


Primary Responsibilities:

As an intern at Emmanuel Radio, I assist in the development and implementation of fundraising, marketing, and public relation strategies for 1230AM Radio.  This includes planning events such as parish talks, community events, and donor events.  I am also a voice personality on the station!


Blog Entry:

Interning at Emmanuel Radio has given me the opportunity to learn how a new non-profit organization functions in its “launch”   implementation stage.  Learning how to create a message and implement that  message and mission in the business sector is the best way to see how business is created.


The radio station was launched in May 2011, so building brand awareness and financial support are two of its primary focuses. Therefore, we are in the middle of planning a wine and cheese fundraising event at an exclusive museum in downtown Worcester.  I was not sure if I was cut out to assist with event planning, but I have learned that the knowledge I have gained from my marketing and communication classes can be applied to event planning.  Also, I was even able to help my manager design the invitations without having taken graphic design.


I know from strategic communication how to tie my message to the organization’s mission and  the needs of the audience.  I learned from business and technical writing the importance of white space in reading materials.  The color black suggests elegance and formality, while blue is the preferred color in business.  Based on the purpose of the donor event and our guests (audience), we designed an invitation colored in all black with an elegant sans serif font.


My internship has taught me that knowledge and skills are transferable to all types of organizations and business sectors, and I am excited to see how my skills will continue to contribute to 1230 Radio!

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