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March 2, 2012

Pat O’Kane: Kaburst
Interning at Kaburst
Interning at Kaburst


Name: Pat O’Kane
Hometown: Hollis, New Hampshire
Major: Management
Internship Sponsor: Kaburst


Primary Responsibilities:

As a Social Media Marketing Intern at Kaburst, my primary responsibilities include: managing social media channels; developing marketing techniques; establishing signage for small businesses while promoting Kaburst; developing web-pages for individual businesses; understanding differences among types of marketing strategies for various organizations, and promoting Kaburst via social media and word of mouth.


Blog Entry:

I was fortunate to come across the opportunity to work with Kaburst, a social media marketing business that connects local business to customers. Established in the greater Hartford area, Kaburst  seeks to improve the marketing methods of small businesses in the city of Worcester through the use of social media. With the rise of social media, smart phones and other forms of technology, Kaburst uses social media to stay on the leading edge of the marketing side of business.


Kaburst is a fairly small organization with a flat managerial structure. Working very closely with a co-founder of the company, I have witnessed  several aspects of a start-up company as it make a name for itself.  I have seen the discovery of a marketing technique that utilizes the real-time information people need in today’s society, and the implementation of such information into a smart phone format.


Through my internship opportunities, I have worked one-on-one with several small businesses in the Worcester area, including businesses in the food, liquor and health and beauty fields. All of the businesses have their unique forms of marketing. I apply my marketing and management background to improve their customer response.

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