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October 7, 2011

Katherine Rouff: Ameriprise Financial

Interning at Ameriprise Financial

Interning at Ameriprise Financial

Name: Katherine Rouff
Hometown: Andover, MA
Major: Marketing
Minors: Mathematics and Psychology
Internship Sponsor: Ameriprise Financial

Primary Responsibilities:

My main responsibilities at Ameriprise Financial include: client scheduling, appointment preps, preparations of PowerPoint and Excel presentations and communications with the home office. I also work hands-on in investment research putting together potential mutual fund prospects for clients.

Blog Entry:

Interning at Ameriprise Financial is a very eye-opening experience. My internship has given me skills that I could never learn in a classroom or in a computer lab at school.

One experience, which sticks out most in my mind, is the first time I sat in on a client advising meeting. I had called the client a week before reminding him of the appointment for the upcoming week.  When I came in that morning, I pulled and prepped the file, including the accounts summary, arrangements, and PMT spread sheet. When we sat down for the meeting it was gratifying to actually see my work up on the presentation board and watch my supervisor, the advisor, explain to our client the status of his investments.

Being able to see the advisor-client interaction connected back to the importance of one-to-one communication that I learned in Communication Theory. Whether it is via email, phone, or in person, creating relationships and connections in business is vital to all organizations.

Being a part of every step of this communication process has given me a sense of accomplishment and made me feel a part of the Ameriprise family.

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