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March 1, 2011

Nick Pardy: Small Business Service Bureau, Inc.
Interning at Small Business Service Bureau, Inc.

Interning at Small Business Service Bureau, Inc.


Name: Nick Pardy
Hometown: Warwick, RI
Major: Marketing
Minor: Graphic Design
Internship Sponsor: Small Business Service Bureau, Inc. (SBSB)

Primary Responsibilities:

As a marketing and communications intern, I am helping SBSB with their online marketing and website development.  I am transforming their ballot history into a new database that will make it easy for SBSB members to see how other members feel about important issues and topics relating to the small business environment.  I also able to assist the graphic design department because of my knowledge from my graphic design minor.


Blog Entry: 

I am glad to be working with the Small Business Service Bureau (SBSB).  I can already see how much it has helped me to feel that I will make a seamless transition from being a college student to a workforce professional. Many seniors dread moving on into the “real world,” but after starting my internship, I quickly realized that it is not as bad as I or other students portray it.  I take my internship very seriously, and fit in very well with the other co-workers in the marketing and communications department.


What I like about this internship is that I also have the opportunity to do some graphic designing.  My marketing major and graphic design minor go well together, and I am glad I am able to use both at this organization.  My vision of the perfect career is being able to do an assortment of tasks, and at SBSB I feel that I can do this because of the small number of employees and the variety of work.


I look forward to going to my internship everyday because I love being part of an organization where I feel like I belong.  SBSB is one of the few places where I am able to work on the same floor as the CEO and upper management!  I am glad Assumption has given me the opportunity to take an internship as a class.


Everyone should have an internship experience before they graduate if they have room in their schedule.  This experience has allowed me to learn about organizational cultures and my “fit” in the SBSB culture, which we talk about in our internship class.  Internships open doors to new opportunities in the work environment and make the thought of getting a job more of a reality.

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