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November 29, 2010

Jola Teneqexhi: St. Vincent Hospital, Finance Department
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Interning at St. Vincent Hospital


Name: Jola Teneqexhi
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Major: Accounting
Internship Sponsor: St. Vincent Hospital, Finance Department


Primary Responsibilities:
As an intern in the Finance Department I enjoy the opportunity to observe a closer look at the culture and values of the organization.  My primary responsibilities are: completing a Monthly Operating Report (MOR), preparing invoices and statements, recording and keeping track of accounts in a general ledger, identifying total revenue and expenses of balance sheets, and making projections to determine how to increase total revenues in departments. I also have an opportunity to work with computer programs that are specifically designed for financial office use such as, MediTech and PeachTree.


Blog Entry:

I was very nervous starting the internship because I had not experienced the workflow of accounting in a business setting and I was concerned about being able to adapt to the organization. However, these feelings of emotion and nervousness did not prevent me from experiencing and accomplishing many aspects of accounting that will help me to become successful.


Throughout the period of my internship, I have worked on numerous tasks that have helped me gain a greater knowledge of how to complete each assignment successfully.  I have worked on generating daily projections with the CFO and analyzing if total revenue will meet expectations.  In addition, I have prepared invoices for companies that contain balances on their accounts.


After completing each assignment, my supervisor or my mentors examine my work and provide suggestions and feedback if improvement is necessary.  In this process of learning, I have realized that I perform effectively by receiving immediate feedback.
This internship experience has helped me gain an understanding of myself and made me feel confident about a career in accounting. I have learned that quality and quantity is a direct reflection of personal character and integrity. A productive worker with a strong work ethic takes the time to produce quality work and therefore has a higher chance of achieving career goals.

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