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October 6, 2009

Maureen Toscano: Worcester Magazine

Name: Maureen Toscano

Hometown: Worcester, MA

Major: Management

Expected Year of Graduation: 2010

Internship Sponsor: Worcester Magazine



Primary Responsibilities: Each week at the Worcester Magazine my internship responsibility is to work on the format and advertising sales of the magazine.  I do all of the editing, formatting, and aligning of all advertisements on each page layout for the final copy.  My final edit is the okay to publish.  Also, I get to take part in major events promoting local restaurants, bands, and entertainment venues.


The internship has effectively tied into our class through discussions about organizational structure, and determining how an intern fits into the structure.  Through class discussions, it has been an experience to hear about each intern’s company structure and personal fit.  For myself, the fit is out of my element but it’s a challenge, which is something I look for in each and every opportunity.  Being able to have such a varied opportunity has not only broadened my view of the working world, but has shown me the numerous opportunities that are out there for each individual.

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