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April 6, 2010

Maureen Reynolds: Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

Interning for Enterprise Strategy Group


Name: Maureen Reynolds
Hometown: Louisville, Colorado

Major: Organizational Communication
Internship Sponsor: Enterprise Strategy Group, (ESG)


Primary Responsibilities:
As a production intern at Enterprise Strategy Group, my responsibilities include: updating the website, checking the accuracy of content on the website, editing reports that need updated information or redone graphics, and collaborating with members of the Production Department and analysts at ESG regarding what information should be on the website.


Blog Entry:
At ESG I have been able to see how a real business is run.  From my work I have been given the opportunity to see what goes into managing and maintaining a website.  As an Organizational Communication major, I understand the importance of a website to a company and how it is a main channel of communication between the company and their constituencies. 


I have been given the opportunity to learn and gain proficiency in 4 computer application programs.  I have increased my knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, such as learning ways to format reports with new templates.  I have also learned how to work with MOSS, which is a database that allows for easy accessibility for the company to keep up-to-date detailed management of all the reports.  In addition, I have learned to use WordPress to upload reports, edit categories and tags, use html formatting correctly and insert images.  Finally, I learned how to use the Snagit program to work on formatting images correctly so they appear clearly on the website.


As I begin to wrap up my college career, this internship has prepared me for a professional future by giving me competency in advanced computer programs.

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