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February 23, 2010

Alexandra Scouras: Precision Marketing Group
At the Precision Marketing Group office
At the Precision Marketing Group office


Name: Alexandra Scouras
Hometown: Upton, MA
Major: Business Management
Internship Sponsor: Precision Marketing Group, LLC

Primary Responsibilities:


As an intern at Precision Marketing Group, LLC, my responsibilities include: researching new target markets for the company, creating a marketing list of potential clients, contacting and arranging speaking opportunities at local organizations, researching social media marketing, and helping with the Precision Marketing Group website conversion.


Blog Entry:


I have the opportunity to experience the small business world up close and personal and enjoy face-to-face interactions with employees and clients. This creates a more dynamic and exciting environment.


As an inbound marketing consultant, I apply the concepts and skills I acquired in my Principles of Marketing and Marketing Management courses. One of the main concepts is to thoroughly define the target market of a business. During my time with Precision Marketing Group, I have taken an in-depth look at the technology, manufacturing, and building service markets, where the company is looking to expand. This task was a huge eye opener to the vast amount of information available for the company to use for their research benefits.


I am also researching social media marketing. This area includes using Face Book, Twitter, and blogging to market a business. Many businesses have begun using these types of marketing to increase customer awareness. Precision Marketing Group wants to move into this area and offer these services to their clients.


Working with the Precision Marketing Group has allowed me to see what owning and operating a successful business entails. I have gained a great deal of new skills that I will take with me as I make my way into the real world.

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