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February 4, 2010

Lauren Reilly: 3Com Corporation
At the 3Com Corporation office

At the 3Com Corporation office

Name: Lauren Reilly
Hometown: Leominster, Massachusetts
Major: Accounting
Minor: Finance
Internship Sponsor: 3Com Corporation


Primary Responsibilities:
As a tax intern at 3Com Corporation, I am responsible for assisting the director and manager responsible for the company’s state and federal tax returns for the fiscal year ending in May of 2010. I am also assisting in the settlement of inter-company balances which require creating, maintaining, and updating several schedules on Excel.


 Blog Entry:
As a college junior, it is a scary idea to think about applying subjects I have learned in the classroom to a real world setting. This is especially scary as an accounting major.


I have been successful in completing projects because I have been given just the right amount of background information from my supervisors, which leaves plenty of room for me to return with questions. I have learned through this experience that having the ability to ask questions is the best way to understand the task at hand. I feel this quality is valuable in pursuing a career in the accounting industry.


I have worked on many projects that have required me to use Excel in a much greater capacity than I have in the past, and to learn new programs that relate to the company’s general ledger accounts. I have also participated in meetings to learn how individuals in my department relate to other professionals in the organization.

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