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April 29, 2014

Ethan Holman: Worcester Sharks (AHL)
Interning with the Worcester Sharks (AHL).

Interning with the Worcester Sharks (AHL).


Name: Ethan Holman

Hometown: Middleboro, MA

Major: Marketing

Internship Sponsor: Name: Ethan Holman
Hometown: Middleboro, MA
Major: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Worcester Sharks (AHL)


As a Marketing and Public Relations intern my responsibilities are:

  • Keeping time on ice and other statistics using TOI (Time On Ice) software and Excel
  • Communicating statistics to media, scouts, coaches and other staff members
  • Developing and delivering promotional flyers to target markets
  • Verifying media member credentials and directions to venue locations
  • Organizing the Press Room

Blog Entry:

The Worcester Sharks are an American Hockey League team affiliated with the NHL’s San Jose Sharks in California. The Sharks are committed to excellence on and off the ice and are a significant factor in the local community through their presence in charities and fundraisers. The main goal of the corporate office is to provide a family-friendly and fun atmosphere where Sharks fans of all ages can enjoy a game of ice hockey.


As an intern with the Worcester Sharks, my responsibilities varied a great deal from game to game. I have been a part of almost every facet of the hockey game including keeping statistics, communicating with officials and coaches, verifying media credentials and even occasionally picking up the pre-game meals for the press and Sharks’ game staff! From this experience, the most valuable lesson that I learned was to be a “quick change artist” and be very flexible when it comes to adapting on-the-fly to all situations. I was constantly being pulled in many directions during game day hours and had to adapt to a change of role in a very short time. My internship really helped me develop this skill and now I am very confident about taking this skill into the workplace.


I have a great interest in becoming a professional in a sports environment because I played sports my entire life. This internship gave me a great perspective on the day-to-day operations that goes into running a professional team and sporting event. Previously, when I was a spectator, all that I paid attention to was showing up to watch the game! Now, I understand on managerial and marketing levels what goes into to making a team and games successful. From this internship experience, I will take all of the valuable lessons I learned into my career in sports.

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