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April 8, 2014

Cameron Garrant: Salespod, Inc.
Interning with Salespod, Inc.

Interning with Salespod, Inc.


Name: Cameron Garrant

Hometown, State: Wilmington, MA

Major: Marketing

Minor: Management

Internship Sponsor: Salespod, Inc.


As a market research analyst intern, my primary responsibilities include:

  • Researching areas where our customers feel they need the most business help, and building a content base around that information.
  • Writing blog posts and informational articles which build the content base of our website and attract potential users.
  • Finding and researching experts in each of my respective research areas for potential interview.
  • Creating a base of social media content which allows a consistent online presence.



Salespod, Inc. is a tech start-up, originally based out of Croatia, which offers businesses the software they need to manage their representatives in the field and make informed business decisions. The software offered by Salespod works on two fronts. Managers use the desktop software to monitor their representatives, look at their product data analytically, and develop forms specific to their business. The representatives working in the field use the mobile application to track customer orders and product information, and report back to their managers in real-time.


As a market research analyst, I have found that a great deal of what I’m learning in the classroom has real application in the workplace, and vice-versa. For example, the use of key product metrics to measure the success of an organization has been a subject of focus in both my research and a number of my business courses. Using my experience as marketing major, I am able to contribute strong written and verbal communication skills, my ability to multitask, and perhaps most importantly, my insights into ideas from a variety of perspectives.


My experience with Salespod has given me insight into the management of a start-up, and how to use a variety of effective marketing techniques as a small business. The environment in which I work is small enough that I can learn about the inner-workings of many functions of the business. At the same time, the growth of Salespod is such that I have the opportunity to watch structural and product changes take place as the company organically grows. I am confident that my contribution to the company will yield results. The opportunity to work in this role, which I would like to pursue as a career, has given me invaluable knowledge and experience that I will be able to utilize going forward.

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