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November 15, 2013

Yesenia Hernandez: Insurance Marketing Agencies (IMA)
Interning at Insurance Marketing Agencies (IMA)

Interning at Insurance Marketing Agencies (IMA)


Name: Yesenia Hernandez

Hometown, State: Worcester, MA

Major: Accounting

Internship sponsor: Insurance Marketing Agencies (IMA)


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Prepare journal entries
  • Reconcile accounts to assure accuracy of financial statements
  • Create excel templates to be used for company internal analysis

These tasks need to be done at specific times of the month; it is my responsibility to make sure that these tasks get done at the appropriate time.



My experience at IMA has taught me so much more about accounting than I expected to learn. I learned that real financial issues within a company arise and that they must be solved within a short period of time. There are many ways to solve the same issue; at my internship I have leaned how to problem solve to effectively reach a solution. My supervisor, Bill Wilcox, CFO, has given me the skills to become a problem solver.


As I aspire to be an auditor in a CPA firm, my internship at IMA has instilled in me some great habits and practices to take into my professional future. Bill was previously an auditor, therefore, he makes clear to me the importance of detail, explanations, consistency, and organization in my work. I realize that these skills are essential to becoming an auditor.


Becoming a quick-change artist is incredibly important because my work is always varied. At times I need to try different methods in order to get results. Bill sometimes changes his mind on the way he would like work done. Therefore, I drastically change my methods. This is valuable experience because I now know that needs are ever-changing, therefore, I have to be prepared to begin again or modify my work for each project.

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