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March 18, 2013

Marissa Velez: Banco Santander (Sovereign N.A.)
Interning at Banco Santander (Sovereign N.A.)

Interning at Banco Santander (Sovereign N.A.)


Name: Marissa Velez

Hometown, State: Barre, Vermont

Major: Management

Internship Sponsor: Banco Santander (Sovereign N.A.)

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develop presentations regarding prospects for each business unit, primarily healthcare, within Corporate Banking
  • Develop household relationships within the Corporate Banking umbrella to help aid organic growth
  • Work closely with the Business Banking team to help develop cross-sell opportunities for existing clients

Blog Entry:

Sovereign Bank N.A. provides financial services in the Northeastern United States. As an intern in the company’s Corporate Development Team, I interact with all business units within the Corporate Banking Sector, which allows me to gain a broad and diverse set of skills. These units include: Large Corporate, Middle Market, Specialty Lending and Business Banking. For example, I am now able to distinguish the different products used when the bankers attempt to gain ancillary income from existing and future clients. Because each business unit operates under different parameters, they each have their own primary set of products.


On a typical day at the bank, I am asked to help develop prospect lists for each business unit, maintain client records and help develop cross-sell strategies for specific clients. Personally, I find cross-sell strategies to be most useful and engaging because it allows me to see all aspects of the business, from the relationship, to the strategic plan, to the closing of a deal.


Although I am seeing these strategies in only one specific industry (banking), these are marketing skills that I can apply to any industry that I may enter after graduation.

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