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December 9, 2013

Lidiann Lopez: Alzheimer’s Association
Interning with the Alzheimer's Association.

Interning with the Alzheimer’s Association.


Name: Lidiann Lopez

Hometown: Ipswich, MA

Major: Organizational Communication

Minor: Latin American Studies

Internship Sponsor: Alzheimer’s Association


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Establishing relationships with Spanish-speaking families affected by Alzheimer’s disease to provide information about supportive services
  • Planning a fundraising and awareness event at Assumption College
  • Creating and updating a database of Latino-based organizations
  • Reaching out to Hispanic churches in Worcester



The Alzheimer’s Association is a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of research, supportive services, and awareness of Alzheimer’s. The organization focuses on providing the best care for those facing the challenges of the disease; the organization envisions a world free of Alzheimer’s.


As the Latino Outreach Intern, I have had the opportunity to use my Spanish-speaking skills to help the Alzheimer’s Association break through communication barriers to the Hispanic community affected by the disease. An experience that has left a deep impression on me was the moment when I received negative feedback from a client who expressed the painful frustration that surrounds this disease. The affliction Alzheimer’s imposes on families was revealed to me in this eye-opening experience.


During my internship experience I have utilized the interpersonal communication skills I acquired throughout my studies to better communicate with my supervisor, interns, and especially, the Hispanic community of Worcester. The benefits of a major in Organizational Communication became clear during this experience because I had the ability to effectively understand and exchange information as I established new relationships.

Andrea Dillon: Department of Athletics and Recreation, Assumption College
Interning with Assumption College's Department of Athletics and Recreation

Interning with Assumption College’s Department of Athletics and Recreation


Name: Andrea Dillon

Hometown, State: Ayer, Massachusetts

Major: Marketing

Minor: Management

Internship Sponsor: Department of Athletics and Recreation, Assumption College


Primary Responsibilities:

My responsibilities include:

  • Managing the Recreation Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts
  • Creating and implementng social media contests
  • Writing articles for the Assumption newspaper that highlight all of Campus Recreation’s activities
  • Creating posters for intramural events, club sports and facility announcements
  • Photographing Recreation events


Blog Entry:

The Department of Athletics and Recreation handles varsity sports and recreational activities. I work primarily with the recreation portion of the department. Campus Recreation is committed to a student-centric approach to programming. The programs include: club sports, intramural activities and fitness programming. Recreational opportunities promote: a sense of community, student development through leadership and healthy active lifestyles for students.


In this all-inclusive environment, there is never a dull moment in the office – a new event to promote, new projects, or a new contest to oversee. When handling social media, creating posters and promoting recreational events, I have implemented many of the marketing skills that I learned in my Marketing Management class. I have experienced firsthand that multi-tasking, organizational skills and prioritizing tasks are critical to the smooth operation of all organizations.

December 5, 2013

Jeffrey Lewis: Worcester Sharks (AHL)
Interning with the Worcester Sharks (AHL)

Interning with the Worcester Sharks (AHL)


Name: Jeffrey Lewis

Hometown: Westford, MA

Major: Organizational Communication

Minor: Marketing

Internship Sponsor: Worcester Sharks (AHL)


Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist in the research and development of new season ticket marketing campaigns
  • Assist with the execution of concourse activities during games
  • Assist in pre and post-game setups


Blog Entry

The Worcester Sharks is a hard-working team which strives toward one common goal – to be the best hockey team in the AHL, the American Hockey League. Each employee works diligently to provide the best customer service and an unforgettable Sharks’ game experience for fans.


As a Marketing Intern, I am analyzing the season ticket packages for all of the AHL teams and comparing that information to the activities of the Sharks. It is up to me to shift through all the information and determine how the Sharks could offer a better pricing deal and experience to their season ticket holders.


The “a-ha learning moment” I had during the internship is when I was put in charge of running the music during youth hockey games. I had no prior experience and had to quickly learn what to do, which made it exciting. The thrill of being given this important game-day operation made me feel needed by the organization.


One of the lessons I have learned is that every person, intern to full-time staff, must follow the operational game-day plan. This ensures that fans will indeed get the best possible game experience!

December 2, 2013

Makayla Sawyer: Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)
Interning at the Worcester Business Journal (WBJ).

Interning at the Worcester Business Journal (WBJ).


Name: Makayla Sawyer
Hometown, State: Moultonborough, NH
Major: Organizational Communication
Minor: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Worcester Business Journal (WBJ)


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assist with planning and promoting the business events sponsored by WBJ
  • Update social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Interview award honorees at events
  • Organize sponsor and guest registration


Blog Entry:

The Worcester Business Journal is the region’s definitive source for business news online and in print. As a Marketing and Events Intern, I have had the experience of learning what it truly takes to effectively and efficiently plan and execute professional business events.


Through my internship I have utilized skills I have learned in my Organizational Communication courses. My most recent project was writing the introductions for the honorees of the Outstanding Women in Business Awards. It was thrilling to hear my writing read publicly at such a prestigious event.


I have learned from my internship the importance of flexibility and confidence. Every day on the job is different and when I’m at the various events, confidence is key. My confidence to be able to talk with senior executives and other successful businessmen and women is critical to the success of the event.


I am a member of a cross-functional organization; the team at the WBJ are a tight-knit, hard-working organization where I truly feel I have made an impact.

Andreas Moutsatsos: Centro Las Americas (CLA)
Interning at Centro Las Americas (CLA).

Interning at Centro Las Americas (CLA).


Name: Andreas Moutsatsos

Hometown: Arlington, MA

Major: Organizational Communications

Internship Sponsor: Centro Las Americas (CLA)


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Update and create new brochures
  • Design Facebook and Twitter social media outlets
  • Create annual report packet
  • Update and create CLA website and learn development software, Mod-X Revolution.


These tasks must be done on a specific time schedule, especially the Annual Report, which was presented at a board meeting.




My experience at CLA has taught me valuable communication, graphic design and website development skills, and have given me a real-world experience that I had been seeking since beginning college. I have learned that non-profits, like CLA, have an organizational structure and culture that requires employees to get work done at the same efficiency level as for-profit corporations. CLA has also taught me to work above and beyond what I thought I could accomplish; I am having a challenging internship experience.


My supervisor, Elvis Lopez, Director of Administration and Finance, has a lot of experience in business, including accounting, which added to my financial skills. Mr. Lopez showed me that the key to being a successful non-profit is planning and organization. This will greatly help me prepare for a job opportunity after graduation because I started to draw parallels between what I learned in my communications classes and what Mr. Lopez was teaching me about organizational communication and efficiency.


Working on new brochures, updating the website, and creating social media outlets for CLA has made me feel like I am a vital part of the organization. I feel I am actually adding greater value to this small organization than I would be at a large corporation.