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February 27, 2013

Maureen Quirk: United Way of Central Massachusetts (UWCM)
Interning at the United Way of Central Massachusetts (UWCM)

Interning at the United Way of Central Massachusetts (UWCM)


Name: Maureen Quirk

Hometown, State: Wakefield, MA

Major: Marketing

Minor: Writing

Internship Sponsor: United Way of Central Massachusetts (UWCM


Primary Responsibilities:

As an intern at UWCM, my chief responsibilities include: assisting in event preparation and management, writing and editing press releases, contacting and thanking donors, compiling and updating spreadsheets, and providing insight and feedback in meetings. The majority of these responsibilities specifically pertain to working on the Women’s Initiative campaign.


Blog Entry:

United Way of Central Massachusetts (UWCM) is the local branch of the nationally recognized non-profit organization, the United Way. The organization strives “to connect people and resources to improve the community”. As the marketing project specialist intern, I contribute to the fulfillment of this mission.


I report directly to the Program Manager for the Women’s Initiative campaign, and under her supervision I’ve quickly learned the multifaceted roles of employees who work in a not-for-profit environment. My supervisor oversees every aspect of this campaign from the administrative duties to planning events that attract hundreds of attendees.


In this fast-paced culture, every day brings something new – a new project, new professional or volunteer to meet, or a new relationship to build. While preparing for the upcoming Dollar Scholar financial literacy conference, one day we’re thanking the donors who support this program and the next day we’re preparing all the materials for the event, and the following day we’re already prepping the initial stages of the next program. My Public Relations class trained me for this active, demanding, and constantly evolving work environment.

Jamie Ballerini: Community Harvest Project (CHP)


Interning at the Community Harvest Project (CHP)

Interning at the Community Harvest Project (CHP)


Name: Jamie Ballerini

Hometown, State: Somerville, MA

Major: Management

Internship Sponsor: Community Harvest Project (CHP)


Primary Responsibilities:

I am the promotional video intern at the Community Harvest Project (CHP) located in Grafton, MA. My duties include: researching other hunger relief organization’s promotional videos, producing a storyboard for CHP’s promotional video, and working with a CHP volunteer to create the video.


Blog Entry:

Community Harvest Project is a non-profit organization which caters to hunger relief organizations in the Boston area. I have experienced what it is like to work in an all volunteer, non-profit organization. In my Environments of Business class we spend a great deal of time discussing business ethics. CHP proves their admirable ethics by their mission of providing the best vegetation to their consumers.


Last week I viewed the informational video CHP uses for orientation to train their volunteers before they start out in the field or in the greenhouse. This video made me realize the sole purpose of the organization and made me realize that I am committed to working with a hunger relief organization.


As a management major, I have seen the importance of some of the concepts we learn: critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making. For example, in my research I have had to decide what is the best way to fully exemplify the organization in my video development and production. I have also run into the problem of not being able to include everything I view fit into the 2-3 minute video time constraint. I have to decide which video clips to include in the video.


My internship has been a great experience. It has taught me real life skills which will be beneficial for my career.

Paul Gianatassio: Worcester Sharks, American Hockey League (AHL)
Interning with the Worcester Sharks

Interning with the Worcester Sharks

Name: Paul Gianatassio
Hometown: Everett, MA
Major: International Business
Minor: Finance
Location: Worcester Sharks, American Hockey League (AHL)


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assist with the development of promotional packages targeting businesses and non-profit organizations.
  • Manage the promotional list of businesses and non-profit organizations and work with account executives to track progress.
  • Create lead databases for account executives to contact leads during the season.
  • Maintain lead databases for special promotional evenings.

Blog Entry:
As a marketing and sales intern with the Worcester Sharks, I have gained experience in sports management. The Worcester Sharks is a small office which allows me to work in all aspects of the organization. During my office hours I work on marketing projects and preparations for home games.


My classes in my international business major have prepared me for this position.  In my International Marketing course we analyzed the Real Madrid Soccer Club. Concepts that I learned from the Real Madrid case study include: consumer market segmentation, brand recognition, and the importance of associated sponsors. My knowledge of these concepts have helped me to aid value through my internship work to the Sharks organization.


My internship with the Worcester Sharks is a great experience and also gives me the opportunity to network with professionals in the sports industry.

February 18, 2013

Maciej Korycki:
Interning at

Interning at


Name: Maciej Korycki
Hometown, State: Shrewsbury, MA
Major: Marketing
Internship Sponsor:


Primary Responsibilities
As a digital marketing intern at, my primary responsibilities include: working on a variety of social media and online advertising projects, conducting market research, generating advertiser leads and assisting in the creation of media sales presentations and client meetings.


Blog Entry

In less than one year, has become the second largest news and information site in central Massachusetts. This fast growing digital media website provides news and high quality content on a variety of topics, ranging from Sports &Politics to Real Estate & Business. It is a part of GoLocal24- a digital media business which also operates another very successful web entity-, based in Rhode Island.


Interning at this company has provided me with invaluable professional experience; I have the opportunity to work with the company’s media sales director, social media coordinator and online marketing manager, and learn a lot about their work and responsibilities.


This internship has also given me the opportunity to apply knowledge from my Marketing on the Internet and Business to Business Marketing courses. Classroom learning about online advertising concepts, e-marketing, social media marketing and business-to-business sales has allowed me to quickly understand my work and be productive.


Overall, my internship is proving to be a great experience- I am working with a group of skilled & knowledgeable professionals, and greatly expanding my knowledge of online marketing- a field I plan to pursue upon graduation.

Katie McIsaac: Insurance Marketing Agencies, Inc
Interning at Insurance Marketing Agencies, Inc

Interning at Insurance Marketing Agencies, Inc


Name: Katie McIsaac
Hometown, State: Sandwich, Massachusetts
Major: Accounting
Minor: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Insurance Marketing Agencies, Inc


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Create a departmental budget for future year projections and a departmental income statement
  • Perform bank and general ledger account reconciliations
  • Update employee personnel files and amend spreadsheets to match the new fiscal year

Blog Entry:
Insurance Marketing Agencies (IMA), Inc is an independent brokerage firm that provides complete insurance and risk management solutions for their customers.  With two locations in Worcester and Waltham, IMA is committed to providing innovation, strategic partnerships and warm friendly service. 


As an intern in the company’s Finance Department, I am applying my accounting knowledge and skills to a real company in real time.  An example of this is comparing numbers on income statements to the company’s trial balance and understanding where the amounts stem from.


In more specific terms, I am inputting journal entries into the online database, and recognizing the importance of the accuracy of each entry as it applies to all financial records.  I have also been introduced to various concepts, such as income determination, which was covered in my Intermediate Accounting class.


I am certain that working as an intern at IMA will give me the skills and experience necessary for a successful career in the accounting.

Matthew Heard: Cumulus Media
Interning at Cumulus Media

Interning at Cumulus Media


Name: Matthew Heard
Hometown/State: Manchester, Connecticut
Major: Marketing and Music
Internship Sponsor: Cumulus Media


Primary Responsibilities:

I work in the Promotions Department for Cumulus Media’s three radio stations: 104.5 WXLO, 100 WWFX, and 98.9 WORC. Working as the promotions intern, my duties include: creating advertising proposals, preparing playlists for live events and updating the website/social media platforms. 


Blog Entry:

With my double majors in marketing and music,  I would like to enter the music business after graduation.  My internship experience has shown me the business processes behind delivering music to people on a mass scale. The Promotions Department is the vital link between the distributor (the station) and the end user (the listener). By organizing contests, preparing events and giving away prizes, I help listeners to develop a connection with the station, which results in their continued listenership.


To maintain this station- listener relationship, I use the skills I have learned in my marketing classes to act as a liaison between the promoters, concert production companies and the listeners. By updating the station’s social media and website, I assist in developing loyal listeners.


Promoters/concert production companies often provide  contest prizes in order to accomplish their most important objective: to promote their artists. We create proposals that negotiate the exchange of concert tickets for advertising airtime, a result that is beneficial for both organizations. I am also looking forward to other duties which will include working at artist meet-and-greets and event planning for station appearances.

February 6, 2013

Faye Catalan: RDW Group, Inc.
Interning at RDW Group, Inc.

Interning at RDW Group, Inc.




Name: Faye Catalan

Hometown/State: Coventry, RI

Majors: International Business and Spanish

Internship Site: RDW Group, Inc.


Primary Responsibilities:

While interning with the RDW Group, I am applying my business and communication skills with my work with clients, including the Higgins Armory Museum, Reliant Medical Group, and the Worcester Art Museum. My primary responsibilities include: conducting market research, drafting and revising press releases and reports, attending internal and client meetings, and providing feedback for creative projects.


Blog Entry:

RDW Group, Inc., an integrated communications agency located in Worcester, Boston, and Providence, specializes in advertising, marketing, and public relations. “Think. Work. Win.” – the agency’s slogan, embodies the distinctive attitude of the RDW Group and their ability to satisfy and exceed the expectations of their clients.


As an account services intern, I am exposed to the creative process of developing goals and strategies for clients. My work allows me to experience all facets of PR that are required to successfully represent a client.


RDW Group has entrusted me with project responsibility. More specifically, I have gotten to know the agency’s clients on a deeper level by attending meetings to discuss marketing strategies and public relations, as well as to prepare clients to give accurate and informative interviews.


I am hoping that through this experience I will deepen my knowledge and fluency in account management and public relations, as well as learn to apply my creativity and communication skills.

February 4, 2013

Matt Falcone: Stratus Technologies
Interning at Stratus Technologies

Interning at Stratus Technologies


Name: Matt Falcone
Home Town: Litchfield, NH
Major: Marketing
Internship Sponsor: Stratus Technologies


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Design, maintain, and assume responsibility for all assets on the public site
  • Conduct email campaigns from start to finish
  • Work collaboratively with our PR agency to post blogs
  • Research, redesign, and execute all search engine optimization (SEO) efforts
  • Design graphics used in emails and on the web
  • Conduct market and competitive research


Stratus Technologies is a fault-tolerant hardware and high-availability software company located in Maynard, MA. Since starting my internship  last May, I have become fully immersed in the organization. I work cross-functionally inside and outside of the company to manage the website, SEO, and email campaigns on a daily basis.


I’ve been given responsibilities and the opportunity to prove myself in a corporate environment while learning a vast amount of technical and business essential skills. I was given the responsibility to develop a marketing campaign for our longest existing public safety account. Over the two months that it took me to complete the campaign, from the initial idea to the evaluation, I  have applied the techniques that I learned in my classes, specifically my Business-to-Business Marketing and computer science classes.


I am particularly interested in the web design and advertising  aspects of my internship,  and I can safely say that I found my career field through this internship.